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Russia to Hold Military Tribunals in Mariupol

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August 25, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

In a full court press blitz, the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Embassy in Georgia, and the United Nations all came out this week against the Russian Federation holding war crimes tribunals in Mariupol.

What’s their beef? POW soldiers have long been prosecuted for war crimes in past conflicts.

In press statements, each organization or entity came out against such trials.

U.S. State Department press release:

“By planning to hold so-called ‘tribunals’ in Russia-controlled Mariupol against Ukraine’s brave defenders, the Kremlin is attempting to deflect responsibility for President Putin’s war of aggression and distract from the overwhelming evidence of the atrocities Russian forces have committed in Ukraine. [Emphasis ours]

The planned show trials are illegitimate and a mockery of justice, and we strongly condemn them. All members of Ukraine’s armed forces, including domestic and foreign volunteers incorporated into the armed forces, are entitled to prisoner of war status if captured and must be afforded the treatment and protections commensurate with that status, according to the Geneva Conventions.”

Comment: The actual show trial and “mockery of justice” resides in the J6 Committee prosecuting U.S. citizens for minor infractions, such as trespassing and wandering off a museum tour in the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.

U.S. Embassy in Georgia press release:

The U.S. Embassy in Georgia repeated the U.S. State Department’s press release, concluding with:

“We call on Moscow to comply with its obligations under international law. The United States will continue to firmly stand with the Ukrainian people as they defend their freedom.”

United Nations press release:

A spokesperson for the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights: Ravina Shamdasani:

“We are concerned by reports that the Russian Federation and affiliated armed groups in Donetsk are planning—possibly in the coming days—to try Ukrainian prisoners of war in what is being labeled an ‘international tribunal’ in Mariupol.

“While there are few details available, photos and video footage published in the media and on social media appear to show metal cages being built in Mariupol’s philharmonic hall, apparently to restrain prisoners of war during proceedings…”

Comment: In typical Moscow fashion, the “metal cages” serve the public with a cue to the type of criminals that will be prosecuted. Moscow often tried serial killers and pedophiles in cages placed inside the courtroom.

One question: Will Russia broadcast the tribunals for public consumption?


Blowback From the Russia Bear

The research and journalist team at American Media Periscope covered Russia’s incursion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Skewing the conflict via Big Media’s lies and propaganda and Big Tech’s censorship and down-ranking algorithms from day one, it should surprise no one how desperate the Biden regime, the U.S. Department of Defense, NATO, and the United Nations have become. They didn’t expect Russia to grind the Ukrainian forces to dust in a clear defeat before the midterm elections.

By propping up the so-called war with Western media, Biden-Pelosi-McConnell sending billions of dollars in arms deliveries, and on-the-ground U.S. and NATO command officers guiding the tactics, the Deep State actors are running out of chess moves. A half year in, they failed to lure Russia into a greater proxy war with Europe outside Ukraine’s borders.

Will Ukraine Biolabs be on Trial?

During the six-month conflict, two of three glaring crises emerged. First, the U.S. DoD lied about its role in sponsoring the Biolabs in Ukraine. Biden’s State Dept. took it a step further declaring no U.S. Biolabs existed in Ukraine.

Then, by the Defense Dept.’s admission, it went from zero Biolabs in March, to a dozen in April, to no more than 18 by May, to a maximum of 28 in June, to finally, the DoD admitting to 46 black site Biolabs in Ukraine run jointly by NATO and the U.S. military-industrial complex.

In a dense, long-winded response to the Biolabs uncovered in Ukraine, the U.S. DoD wrote these gems in a section titled, “Ukraine Has No Biological Weapons Program,” in the press release:

“Ukraine owns and operates its public health laboratories and associated infrastructure, and the United States is proud to collaborate, cooperate, and provide assistance in support of this infrastructure. These facilities operate just like other state or local public health and research laboratories around the world. Furthermore, all equipment and training provided by the United States is subject to U.S. export control processes, audits, and acquisition laws and regulations, which ensures transparency and compliance with domestic and international laws. [Emphasis ours]

“This assistance has directly and measurably improved Ukraine’s preparedness and response efforts to detect and report outbreaks, including COVID-19 response, and has helped protect its food supply in addition to many other benefits that accrued from this partnership.”

Comment: The admission by the DoD is startling. What it states in those two paragraphs is the U.S. DoD was involved in making the Covid bioweapon—both the virus and the vaccine platform—in concert with academic institutions, such as Harvard, UNC-Chapel Hill, and John Hopkins University; Anthony Fauci’s NIH/NIAID and the CDC; the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation, and other NGOs; the World Health Organization, the U.N., and likely the Chinese Communist Party.

Bioclandestine blog further noted:

2. “Something to make sure not to overlook, the Russian/American cooperation aspect of this release. The U.S. DoD is speaking about their past coalitions with Russia to dispose of harmful weapons and working with Russian scientists with peaceful biological research. Read the passage below.

“‘Engagement of thousands of former Russian biological weapons scientists to conduct peaceful biological research projects for public health purposes, with the Russian government’s full approval. (These types of projects were very similar to biological research projects Russia is now criticizing in other former Soviet countries.)'”

Will Americans be on Trial?

What keeps the corrupt Western powers up at night goes far beyond Hunter Biden’s funding—millions of dollars from the U.S. DoD—of Metabiota and other NGOs by which the Biolabs were formed as offshore shell corps.

So, who are the POWs about to be paraded in the Mariupol tribunals? Will they include third and fourth-generation German Nazis from World War II? Will the tribunals include captured NATO officers, who were allegedly taken at the Azovstal steel plant in early May?


Two big names emerged in the same raid and hostage-taking, or surrender. First, British Lt. Colonel John Bailey according to several military sources. The bigger fish, however, is President Barrack Obama’s black ops military specialist in U.S. Admiral Eric T. Olson (ret.). Olson is a highly decorated Special Operations commander and a tactical nuclear weapons expert. One must wonder if he was in Ukraine to conduct reconnaissance on a nuclear war with Russia.

According to Wikipedia:

“Olson is a retired United States Navy admiral who last served as the eighth Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) from July 2, 2007, to August 8, 2011.”

Imagine if captured Admiral Eric Olson goes on trial at Mariupol. What would that do to the Deep State plans and operations? Even just a written or videotaped testimony from Olson is entered as evidence, it would be an earthquake of seismic propositions.

In either case, the Russian military lawyers could connect the dots on the grand scheme overarching scheme was to depopulate the world, enslave the rest of humanity, and cover up the West’s genocide crimes by funding the bioweapons program in Ukraine.

What if we learned that U.S. DoD, NATO, and the Biden regime planned to incite a nuclear war with Russia? Collateral damage to millions of innocent citizens be damned.

Will the Mariupol tribunals expose the corrupt Western leaders tied to the U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine?

Will it expose Ukraine as the global hub of the Cabal’s human slavery, child-sex trafficking, and money-laundering operations, linking those crimes with the Biden, Clinton, Romney, Pelosi, Bush, and other political leaders crime families?

If any of the above events come to pass, then it speaks volumes to why Western powers are desperate to extinguish the wildfire of truth before it spreads out in the open for public to consume.

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