Russia’s Hammer & Sickle Attack: War and Gold

September 22, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

On the first day of autumn, the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin pivoted from a “partial” mobilization of calling up 300,000 men to the military, to a full-blown call to defend the Motherland in one million troops. As Russian families fled to Finland and Kazakhstan, in fear of an attack, young men from Kaliningrad and Moscow to Chechnya and the Ural Mountains travel to military enlistment centers. Even the arrested 850 anti-war protesters received police summons that directed them to the enlistment bureaus or face years in prison.

[Credit: Image montage created by James Grundvig]

That rigid move canceled the anti-war protests from that point forward.

Meanwhile, Turkey brokered a deal of exchanging nearly 300 prisoners of war, according to multiple sources.

Defense of Ukraine via Storyful reported the swap included 215 Ukrainian POWs for 55 Russian soldiers. “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for five released commanders, including two Azov Regiment commanders, to live out the remainder of the war in Turkey under the personal protection of Erdogan.”

As the overhang of an expanded Ukraine-European war emerges on the horizon, the two prominent leaders of the breakaway BRICS’ nations in the Chinese Communist Party, Chairman Xi Jinping and Russia’s Putin, must be licking their chops. They needed an event from the West, with no possibility of a peace deal resolution, to swing into action. Crisis turned into opportunity—sanctions be damned.

With the build-up along the Russian-European borders moves toward a broader and deadlier kinetic part of the war, the Russia-Chinese axis is determined to cut off the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency and undermine the globalists central banking system.

Globalism is Dead

Russia owns the high-ground by freezing Europe this winter by cutting off its flow of gas, as well as resetting the table of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and breaking the decades-old price manipulation of gold. Russia would achieve that by launching a Moscow World Standard bullion exchange and price gold at its real value.

This explains why the Cabal are rushing to “reset” the world in its totalitarian image: “Green” and sustainable, total dominant control of the population, while pointing the future of mankind towards its transhumanism Agenda 2030.

The dark plan is no longer a conspiracy. It’s a point of fact. They hide nothing. All you have to do is look at the 77th Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, this past week, and its “five burning climate issues for the world leaders” to grasp their warped agenda disguised as a global solution of their own making.

The UN General Assembly’s landing page on “Sustainable Development Goals,” second paragraph reads:

“The theme stems from the recognition that the world is at a critical moment in the history of the United Nations due to complex and interconnected crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, humanitarian challenges of unprecedented nature, a tipping point in climate change as well as growing concerns about threats to the global economy.” [Emphasis ours]

The gall of the global Shadow Government to write such a passage. It’s Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, the IMF, the UN, World Bank, and the World Health Organization that comprise the demolition team for the demise humanity. They are the architects of destruction of the old economic order.

– The Cabal sponsored, designed, and executed, however poorly, its plan to depopulate and take control of the world by unleashing the Covid-19 pandemic;

– The globalists, via its fiat, debt enslavement monetary system, ensure a “humanitarian crisis” will continue deep into the future;

– The globalists are the architects of the industrial scale pollution and contamination of the air, water, and land for the past 75 years. If a climate change crisis, it falls in their lap as they engineered the system we live in today;

– The final act of audacity by the pillaging Cabal comes in marking a scapegoat blame—humans—for the “threats to the global economy.”

With global debt at more than three times the GDP, only a financial earthquake-generating tsunami awaits for the system to collapse and burst the myriad bubbles.

The Five Burning Climate Issues

The elites’ seat at the UN put the five climate issues at the fore of the conference. In ascending order of importance, they list the following dire issues.

1. A legal obligation to protect people from climate harm

As stated above, the mass murderers of the manufactured Covid-19 pandemic on the front end and the Covid bioweapon on the back end, demonstrate how sociopaths plan, work, and behave. Don’t believe a word of what they say. Instead, watch what they do.

In yesterday’s AMP News article, “The ‘Green’ Killing Machine: Will it Trigger WWIII?” this author lists how they silently poisoned the population for the past 75 years.

2. Keeping global warming below 1.5C

This is laughable on two levels. One, it refers to the Club of Rome’s 1991 annual report, “The First Global Revolution.”

The Club’s synopsis reads:

“Topics covered by this book include the need for the world to convert from a military to a civil economy, the recognition of the disastrous short-term effects of exploitation by First World countries of Third World poverty and need, and the containment of global warming: the need to reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide, to encourage reforestation, to conserve traditional forms of energy and develop alternatives.” [Emphasis ours]

Does any of this sound familiar 31 years later? The globalists’ depopulation agenda and paths to achieve its goals have always been out in the open and displayed in the public domain.

3. Funding for the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries

It’s always about a new form of tax. If enacted, this one will be global and take the poor, the dying middle class, small to medium-sized businesses, and corporations based on the new blood-sucking ESG scoring system for total control.

So, if you trust the mass murderers who brought you the pandemic virus, the lockdowns, the killing wards in hospitals and nursing homes, the C19 bioweapon and its global genocide, then, by all means, get ready to pay the tab before you consume. But make sure you don’t complain, rebel against their transhuman mission, or deviate from their culling the herd plan.

4. Championing more clean energy

As if the failing power grids in California, Texas, and other parts of the world are not enough, the globalists-owned Big Media fails to show the destruction of the environment from the so-called “green” vehicles. For instance, look what it takes to strip-mine the raw materials that make the lithium batteries upstream. Or go visit the toxic pollution in the landfills at the end of the electrical vehicle (EV) lifecycle, when it’s time to dispose of—not recycle—the material. Green it is not.

Despite California owning 39 percent of all EVs on the road in the United States, with more than 530,000 EV registrations, the reality is different. There are 14.2 million cars registered in California. That represents only 3.73 percent of the total. But that number plummets further to 1.80 percent when adding another 15 million gas-diesel trucks to the equation.

No way can California sustain an all-EV future when its faulty power grid cannot handle less than two percent of all EVs on the road. It’s a fairytale. And it’s a lie.

The math simply doesn’t work.

5. Curbing windfall profits from fossil fuel companies

Of course, the last act of desperation is to trust the Cabal, its Big Corp gatekeepers, churches, academic and financial institutions, and the pathetic bureaucrats and politicians that “run” the modern system. Just look at the trillions of dollars in theft, wealth transfer, money printing, and money laundering they carried out since 2020. Do you think any of these corrupt fat cats care about you or the little man? No, you are stand in their way.

Take a stand or be steamrolled by their lawless ambition.

Breaking Gold Manipulation

Earlier this month, Michelle Makori, an international broadcast journalist at Kitco, interviewed Matthew Piepenburg, Commercial Director at Matterhorn Asset Management.

Piepenburg discussed the Moscow World Standard, and how it could end the LBMA “gold price manipulation and reveal the metal’s fair market value.”

Towards the end of the lively 30-minute interview. Matthew Piepenburg revealed his thoughts on gold, risk, and where the global bubbles are headed. [Emphasis ours]

“When panic, gold is emotional… When people lose faith in their currency, in their central bankers, in their politicians left, right of center… When they lose faith in their media… When they lose faith in their talking heads and pundits… When they feel it in the streets because the inflation is palpable… When that collapse in faith occurs gold prices rise regardless of what the LBMA tries to do or what the central banks try to do, that’s the intangible, unpredictable reality of it…

“But we have seen it again throughout history, from ancient Rome to the Ming Dynasty to 1789 France, um, gold is emotional. And when faith is lost gold rises there are no systems that can compete with it…”

“I am seeing that lack of faith everywhere, from sophisticated to non-sophisticated, from investors to non-investors… The distrust of the of the conventional narrative is not a conspiracy theory, it’s just not believing anymoreAnd that loss of faith will be the real intangible tipping point.

“Again, there are so many needles pointed at this dollar bubble, at this market bubble, at this debt bubble—again, $300+ trillion in global debt when GDP is one-third that is simply comical mathematically that we have gone this long” (without a major rupture in the markets).

What Happens Next?

Cracks in the global financial markets? The popping of the ‘Everything’ Bubble? Or does Russia expand the war across Europe with the newly mobilized one million Russian troops?

We don’t know.

War and Gold. Hammer and Sickle.

Yes, the military is the only option. God must lead the way. But strange bedfellows will help tear down the Babylonian beast system to free us all.

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