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Scaler Light Energy Next Wave of Healing | HLIR Ep.4

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Scaler Light Energy Next Wave of Healing | HLIR Ep.4




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14 replies on “Scaler Light Energy Next Wave of Healing | HLIR Ep.4”

If we keep interfering with the universe, we won’t be able to farm, ranch, or live without being in a bubble. As it is right now, all the satellites and space crafts we are filling it with has displaced the sun already. And it’s gotten worse this year. This has caused the weather shifts and changed planting zones. The government has been changing wether for years and we just saw what they did to Texas. We have to stop messing with the universe before the sun shifts to the point the planet burns up.

because Galen Heironymis’s patent has run out. some of this anyone can do. i did not know that what Galen did and we were following was called scalar energy. that when i was 36. I’m 83 now.

I work with another “Devine Energy”.
it works remotely, it is available to everyone, and it doesn’t need manmade tools to deliver healing….try Reiki

Hi James,

Be carful

Biggest bullshit ever.

Sorry but when you know radio frequency and transmission, you
know this gentleman should start reading a book of the mathematics of radio transmission, and the radiation pattern of the antennas.

Sorry to burst you bubble but this doesn’t make any sense.

Fact not from the bullshit fact checker:

1- A Tesla coil work with resonance, and to work make a spark at it resonant frequency, this transmit on the entire radio spectrum, and this explain why the cell phone of this gentleman doesn’t work when he get close to the Tesla coil.

If he doesn’t know that, that is very sad.

This is very basic in radio frequency.
The first transmitter were done this way, because at this time there were non frequency band allocation.

This guy never say what is a scalar wave simply because he doesn’t know what he is talking about. If he would know he would have explained it in simple term.

For those who want to know:

Tesla biggest discovery, everything vibrate.

He was an expert on resonant frequency and was able to create localized earthquake, I will not tell you how it is done because I have not idea who is reading this. And I don’t want to be responsible for some disaster. The engineers will understand. And they are smart enough not to do this.
For the power transmission Tesla was basically using the high atmosphere as a conductor, with its big tower, as the high atmosphere is a rarefied gas and act as a neon tube.
The earth is the other conductor.

He was stopped on this, because you can put energy there, but anybody with the proper receiver can tap on it, and it make it very difficult to charge that person or that country for tapping in the energy you put in.

Just to prove to the one who knows this is serious read the following.

If you know radio frequency you know you can light a bulb with a single wire, knowing the wavelength of the frequency on the wire, with two wire connected at the proper distance on this wire, the potential difference will light a bulb.

And for someone don’t relying on electromagnetism, I find his apparatus is having quite a lot of of wiring, and he rely heavily on electricity and electromagnetism.

This is the same thing with the idiot selling USB key to neutralize the
radio wave, he must have failed miserably his radio wave course.

There are not only other energies, but also many other dimensions.

The proof, in physics, they always need to put a plug to make the equations works, like dark matter. Small force, big force etc.

The reason is quite simple we live in a multi-dimensionals universe and we only access 3 dimensions.

It is like the cavern story were everybody try their best to explain the shadows, and one day one get out and see the colors.

Try to explain movement, and shape and changing a color relying only on shadows.

As one real scientific said, it is impressive we do so much, knowing so little.

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