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Sodom, New York City

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June 30, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

One year ago this week, I moved out of New York City, a once energetic and entrepreneurial hub of media, finance, arts, culture, and technology, and so much more. When the lockdowns of spring 2020 never lifted and the telegraphing of the “slave” vaccine passports to come the ensuing year, I knew it was time to move far away from the city.

[Credit: Image montage created by James Grundvig]

Living in the Upper Eastside of Manhattan for 22 years, with another eight years in midtown, the city I once knew and loved devolved into utter chaos. First, of course, the fabricated “color revolution” burst onto the scene with then Marxist Mayor Bill De Blasio painting a BLM logo on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower to make some virtue-signaling photo-op.

That one-two combo was a big tell to bug out of the city. As the year progressed, the flashing red warning signs grew in size and intensity, forming a giant exit sign that read, “Leave Now.”

That autumn, I thought about the absolute worst-case scenario. No, not a nuclear strike or a pandemic that actually piled bodies on the streets, unlike COVID-19, as a psyop seeded in myriad Hollywood movies. No. Sudden death would be far more pleasant than being ground down and cooked slowly.

Imagine living in a high-rise apartment—one of the hundreds that dot the city—like I did, with a rogue government that shuts down all bridges and tunnels going in and out of the island of Manhattan. No way to swim across the East River with its strong currents. No way to swim across the Hudson River, which is four times as wide with a shipping lane in the middle.

Trapped, it would take only days—less than a week—to weaken and starve out the people by the millions. Then, with a dark government controlling power and water to the buildings, while preventing trucks from making food deliveries into the city, store shelves would empty fast. Then life would grind to a halt. From there, people would be at the mercy of the government, bad actors, and the thugs who would turn New York City into a dystopian nightmare, scenes from a different set of Hollywood end-times movies, such as “Escape From New York.”

Covid vaccine shots in exchange for food rations, or the water turned back on, or the power grids restored, or going outside and taking a walk in the neighborhood would be the barter. A jab for a month of food. Who would turn that down, once cornered and exhausted? The black hats would remove resisters and send them to FEMA quarantine camps, as outlined in interim New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s health regulations

Let’s take the worst-case a step further. Imagine the thousands of 5G antenna arrays turned on above 60 GHz, fully weaponized to fry the caged residents with microwave energy. All of the infrastructure is already installed. That cruel act would only need a green light from the overseas shadow government to activate.

I call that worst-case scenario—total panic and chaos—a CAT 5 storm.

A Mother’s Execution-Style Shooting

On Wednesday, June 29, 2002, a criminal shot and fatally executed a 20-year-old mother in the twilight of the evening. Her crime was pushing a stroller with her toddler at the 95th Street and Lexington Avenue intersection.

For 17 years, I lived one block from the scene of the murder down on Third Avenue. That intersection is highly trafficked, with a Jewish temple one block away, a public school playground on the northeast corner, and down a block to the 96th Street subway station.

Two decades ago, as a father of my vaccine-injured son, I pushed him in a stroller several times a week for four years when he was a toddler and then walked with him to Central Park and other places as he grew up into his early teens. Never in my thirty years of living in Manhattan have I ever seen such a brutally cold murder carried out as this week.

For the new Marxist Mayor Eric Adams, who traveled on the Chinese Communist Party dime to Beijing in 2014 as Brooklyn borough president, one must ask who is in charge of the city? It cannot be Eric Adams or Governor Hochul. With this murder fully exposing New York’s lawlessness, Adams pulled a new scapegoat out of a hat for his failures to lead: District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Bragg’s website boasts “One Standard of Justice for All.”

The reality is quite different. The DA’s landing page should read: “One Substandard of Crime for All.”

The fake damsel in distress, Kathy Hochul, has been silent on this cold-blooded murder. That is remarkable since she has been preening nonstop in front of a camera or any microphone that would record her on illegal Covid mandates or her campaign to be elected as New York’s next governor. Even more tone-deaf, Hochul’s press conference this week focused on, “unveiling new gun legislation in response to the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling” shows how out of touch she is concerning the downward spiral of crime plaguing the city.

What Special Timing That Is, No?

One could write off this murder as a one-time speck or criminal act to mar New York City. But that’s not the case. On June 7, a man pushed a woman onto the subway tracks. As NBC reported, “It’s the latest in a string of subway attacks in the city, which is grappling with a scourge of violence across its most important transportation artery.”

Not to be outdone, another subway pushing incident occurred on a woman—again—thrown onto the tracks on June 19. 

How will Hochul and Adams find, let alone apprehend gangbangers and violent criminals with 75 NYPD detectives quitting, resigning, and opting for early retirement? Those dedicated men in blue had enough of the worst justice system in North America. There might be more murders in Chicago each weekend, but New York City reigns for total insanity.

Add to the monstrosity, the countless release of repeat offenders, and the hardened criminals pillaging retail stores will only pick up pace and frequency as the financial markets meltdown with sky-high inflation impacting everyone.

Who will come in to restore law and order this fall in a city on fire? The U.S. National Guard? How will that work with the Biden regime about to fire 40,000 of them for their refusal roll up their sleeves for vaccine mandates?

CAT 2 Exodus From Manhattan

Citadel announced it would relocate its headquarters to Florida to cap off a great week. Add the 100 Goldman Sachs traders who moved south a year ago, with word on the street of another 300 investment bankers are moving to the free state of Florida this summer.

Call it a tax revenue loss. Call it a talent drain. Call it whatever you like, but the facts are becoming clearer and are much colder than the murder of the innocent young mother.

With the global financial markets about to implode, with $4 trillion in (bad) “paper” collateralized debt the Federal Reserve can’t move, the future looks bleak. The U.S. economy is headed for a world of pain with a 75 bps rate increase in July and another in September that will all but kill the U.S. real estate market. How will New York City and the state handle the deflation and the sharp loss of tax revenue?

What if the Biden regime can no longer print fiat money to prop up inefficient, corrupt blue cities and states? How will New York survive in bankruptcy?

At that moment, what will Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul do then? With a defunded and defanged police department, and a kneecapped Nation Guard, who will round up the criminals? Who is going to prosecute them?

The answer: No one.

CAT 2 Grows to CAT 5 Chaos

The near-death threshold New York City will cross this fall will witness a radical unraveling of everything Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg worked so hard to build up over 20 years across their two administrations.

And Eric Adams wants to play political football by making Rudy Giuliani, the victim of a blindside attack, this week in Staten Island.

What Adams’ press conference shows in berating the former mayor goes far beyond a failure in leadership. It shows corruption to the core with marionette strings attached to shadow bosses controlling Adams and Hochul from Communist China and the Davos crowd in the World Economic Forum.

Are Eric Adams and Kathy Hochul ready for October’s CAT 5 crime tsunami?

In New York English: Hell no.

As the debauchery, deviance, and law-breaking skyrockets this summer, will Sodom New York consume itself in a lake of fire? Or will God rain down “fire and brimstone” that scorched the sky over the City of the Plains 5,000 years ago?

Martial law could be enacted first. But then who and what guards would patrol the decaying streets of New York?

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