“Sound of Freedom” a Timely Movie that Stirs the Awakening Public

July 17, 2023

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

The oft-delayed movie, “Sound of Freedom” found its way to theaters this summer, after a two-year pause in distribution. That, however, is one of many unaccounted blessings about a feature film, respectfully done with power, on real-world issues so dark, evil, and vile that most of the awakening public would have dismissed and avoided it back then.

But two years in the Covid Age is a lifetime of waking up and seeing the facade of the world and its systems fall apart. We are now moving our collective consciousness from the shiny and pristine on the surface to the dark underbelly of a pagan cult and a lot more.

For the grim reality that the movie portrays to be delivered to trigger an unawakened audience wouldn’t have worked in 2021. But in 2023, it’s pay dirt and a bit of divine intervention.

[Credit: James Grundvig, attended the theater premiere on June 26, 2023, in Miami, Florida. Producer Eduardo Verástegui (back to the camera) speaks to the audience with Tim Ballard (R) looking up.]

As of July 17, 2023, “Sound of Freedom” raked in a boffo $85 million from its July 4th opening or the film’s first two weeks of box office receipts. That, despite Deep State attempts to chase moviegoers away with a host of summer camp tricks.

In the first week, many moviegoers complained about AMC theaters not having–more like deliberately shutting down–their air conditioning systems working in North Carolina and other states. Sounds like a Deep State attempt to censor the movie by discouraging some of the audience to leave the film early. But that plan failed. It backfired with AMC Theaters being called out on social media posts by viewers who left their theaters afterward, sweating but fulfilled.

Call this a stroke of bad PR for AMC and its board of directors that are more concerned about their Bud Light DEI bias.

Good thing the truth, like life, always find its way to the surface and light.

Then this theater.


Drawback to “Sound of Freedom”

Although the film is a first-rate, top-notch production and thriller, with terrific actors from top cast to supporting roles, hitting all of the emotional beats and plot points over its three-act structure, it didn’t go far enough in shining a light on the recesses of Dante’s “Inferno” hell on earth atmosphere.

One of the ironies of the movie, when it was aired in Miami, came from Angel Studios. During the post-viewing Q&A session, an executive at Angel recounted the story of trying to raise millions of dollars to keep the production alive on location in South America. The Angel executive told the audience how he went door to door meeting with and pitching “Sound of Freedom” to CEOs and the ultra-wealthy in Silicon Valley to secure the millions of dollars needed to finish production, but that he ended up striking out in San Francisco. The same thing occurred in Hollywood with the studio heads.

No one wanted to touch the film with a ten-foot pole.

The film’s content was problematic and a third rail taboo subject for the elites in Silicon Valley and Hollywood. That’s because adrenochrome consumption, both as a hallucinatory drug and as an elixir to stay younger, is an extremely expensive habit to consume over the years. The same goes for a pedophile–not the sickos watching child porn and child rape snuff videos–who select the underage boys and girls they want to abuse to fulfill their deviant sexual pleasure.

Combined, these two dark products cost money. Lots of money. Millions of dollars. In fact, it’s so prohibitively expensive that 95 percent of Americans cannot afford this type of warped vice.

As such, Angel Studios very likely talked to some of the deviant consumers of child sex trafficking, because it is the elites, whether celebrities, sports stars, or rich executives from corporate boardrooms, who are the consumers in the dark underworld. Thus, “Sound of Freedom” brushed over the reality of the top-tier clients and consumers.

The film didn’t climb high enough up the mountain to show us who sits on the summit of truth.

Epstein Island Left Out

The movie presents Colombian traffickers, smugglers, and Western businessmen traveling to sexually abuse kidnapped children. Yet it didn’t touch upon Epstein Island. Not even a mention. “It”. Sound of Freedom” also didn’t laser-target the ultra-rich, elite globalists, the connoisseurs of darkness, such as the clients of Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s honeypot.

As Juan O Savin pointed out on a June episode of “Unrestricted Truths,” it was the unholy trinity of the military intelligence agencies that set up, funded, and lured the politicians and powerful to the Epstein honeypot. The unholy trinity of intel agencies is the CIA, MI6, and Mossad. They are the same criminal agencies behind the 9/11 attacks and the C19 depopulation plan, and every major false flag in between.

[Credit: James Grundvig. “Sound of Freedom” Q&A with Producer Eduardo Verástegui (microphone) and Tim Ballard.]

JP Morgan’s Role with Epstein Surfaces

The ultra-wealthy use banks to move money around the world, from offshore accounts and shell companies, to tax havens. That includes the clients who visited Epstein Island many multiple times, from Bill Gates to Bill Clinton.

Recently, one of the U.S. four Big Banks in JP Morgan-Chase got dragged onto the Epstein Island stage. Yes, Jeffrey Epstein has been dead or MIA for the past four years. Yet his island is like gum on the bottom of the JPMorgan Chase bank’s show. CEO Jamie Dimon can’t make Epstein go away.

Wanting to stay out of the news and push the bank’s connection with child sex traffickers and convicts in Epstein and Maxwell, down the memory hole, here’s what JP Morgan had to deal with the past couple of months.

  • JP Morgan paid out: $290 million to settle/shut up a victim’s lawsuit
  • $4 million for deleting 47 million emails ($11.75/email)
  • Virgin Islands seek $190 million for Epstein Island lawsuit

As I wrote, the child trafficking business is a very expensive habit and hobby to maintain. It requires offshore islands, logistics, and infrastructure to build, and fly to black site destinations around the world.

Paul Hutchinson’s Undercover Role

The billionaire businessman and negotiator in the “Sound of Freedom,” played by actor-producer Eduardo Verástegui as “Pablo” in the film, was none other than Paul Hutchinson, who was the guest on “Unrestricted Truths” (Episode 387) show “Epstein to ‘Sound of Freedom’ Island” on Friday.

In that interview, Paul Hutchinson explained his role, journey undercover for a decade, and the 70 successful child liberating operations he often led and had been involved in from Haiti and Thailand to Central and South America.

Hutchinson brought some weight that part of the film lacked as he described those undercover operations and why he and Tim Ballard split five years ago.

Some of the interview gems include:

  • Ballard moved on to “raising awareness” via his nonprofit Operation Underground organization
  • Hutchinson decided to stay undercover over the past five years and save children;
  • Hutchinson agreed with my assertion that the movie works better in 2023 in waking up the public than it would have in 2021;
  • Hutchinson learned that for every 200 children he rescued, 300 kidnapped victims would fill their void as the black market for sex trafficking was growing exponentially;
  • As a result of the scale and scope of the problem, Paul Hutchinson decide to go public and now is being interviewed on many truth shows.

With the two undercover rescuers splitting, Paul Hutchinson launched his own charity, Liberate Children, to further drive mass awakening to the global criminal web and his mission to bring an end to the suffering of innocent children.

Yes, Hutchinson will be returning to “Unrestricted Truths.” He will also be interviewed on other shows on the AMP Media network in the coming months. Beyond his brave undercover work, Paul Hutchinson will also dive deep into the impending financial crash–he is a financial expert after all, founding a $48 billion Utah-based real estate company–and prepping (since he owns a bulletproofing company), and a lot more.

[Credit: Paul Hutchinson.]

“Sound of Freedom” a Must See

No doubt the movie works best as a story based on real life events rather than a documentary.

Since the subject matter is so dark and horrific, the Tim Ballard role played by Jim Caviezel, the “Passion of the Christ” actor, was the perfect choice made by the production team. Caviezel brought gravitas to the stoic lead character and served as the foil for the film’s real stars in the young kidnapped brother and sister children at the center of the plot. The children’s performances delivered the right emotional balance, the ebb and flow of pain and joy, making the human connection to adults, especially parents, who can relate to and imagine such a nightmare.

What would they do?

For those who know little about the subject matter, its a good entry point into a dark realm that is happening at the U.S. borders, with the elites in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the Vatican, the Crown of England, multinational corporations, and the politicians in the Uniparty occupying Washington, DC.

The plot works seamlessly from start to finish. It holds storyline logic throughout, while enough twist and turns to surprise viewers. “Sound of Freedom” also creates the right pacing and atmosphere of dread and exhilaration required in the post-Covid era for an indie film covering such dark material.

In the first scene, we see Tim Ballard surveilling a rundown house where, inside, a filthy pedophile collects and distributes child porn videos. After a successful raid and arrest of the pedophile, Ballard’s partner asks: “How many of children have your rescued?”

Planting the seed deep in Ballard, he changed his approach. He visits the federal penitentiary and befriends the pedophile. That leads Ballard into the seedy world where he learns about the young brother and rescues him. Its while arresting the boy’s trafficker–who Ballard squeezes to learn more about the Colombia sex trafficking rings–at the southern border, he learns about the boy’s sister and sets out to rescue her.

From that point forward, Tim Ballard learns everything about this specific child sex trafficking ring. How they operate. Who’s behind it. And more. It is then Ballard–maybe it was Paul Hutchinson in real life?–who came up with the idea to setup a replica of an Epstein Island-type honeypot. Not for the “clients” but for the traffickers.

In the reverse-honeypot island scene is a gripping, phenomenal cinematic sequence of scenes to experience. It’s where Tim Ballard and the Colombian police raid the island, take down the traffickers, and rescue 100 children. But missing from that group of liberated children is the boy’s sister.

Third Act Rescue Mission

Like a stubborn ox, Tim Ballard pushes on as his DHS chief tells him the “mission is over” and to come back home. Short 10 months from federal government retirement minimum number of years served, Ballard quits the agency, schemes a new plot that includes improvising a rescue mission deep in the Colombian jungle or what is known as narco guerrillas country.

Once Colombian military intelligence identified where she was bartered and taken, Tim Ballard, guised as a medical doctor giving vaccines to prevent a pandemic, takes a boat ride up the river, mirroring scenes that eerily familiar in the 1979 classic, “Apocalypse Now.”

In that act, the plotting jumped me out of the storyline. I realized I was in a movie theater. And I questioned things from that point forward. Did the ending really happen that way it was portayed?

Why question that?

In 2023, we have come to learn that not only did the CIA play a role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy–thanks to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s red pilling the public on his suspicion of who killed his uncle. We also know the CIA created and financed the honeypot on Epstein Island, and that the intel agency has been involved in and overseeing arms, drug, human trafficking operations for decades.

Did the CIA sponsor the narco guerrillas in the Columbian jungle? If so, it’s far more likely that the agency traded money or made a prisoner swap than a heroic, one Superman rescue mission that kills off the guerrilla leader and rescues the girl.

No matter. “Sound of Freedom” is a must-watch film this year.

If it does nothing else but stir the pot of conversations and awaken the hearts in people to tackle these dark truths that we, in this generation, must eradicate the evil of human slavery and child trafficking from the world, then “Sound of Freedom” will become a seminal film to embrace for years to come.

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