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America's Patriot Only Network

09/26/21 | SPECIAL Behind the Scenes with JMC

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John Chambers, Scott McKay, Kirk Elliott, and James Grundvig all in one exclusive video!

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8 replies on “09/26/21 | SPECIAL Behind the Scenes with JMC”

Its so very good to see you John…missed you so very much. GOD IS GOOD!! Loved your talk at Clay Clark’s event, love AMP and WWG1WGA. James, you are such a good commentator!!!

A request…check out District 5 Guardians on FB. Its a parents group my niece Sara Case started because the school superintendent, Tom Wilson, took it upon himself to entice students to take the “death shot” and reward them with $100.00. They try to make her group out to be “anti-vaxxers” it is not!! Its about bribing the students and going against parents on medical decisions for their own children. The group is doing well but could use some bigger recognition. Thank you. More parents stepping up against this tyranny!!!

I am so thankful to have AMP available to me when I am searching for truth! I like the down to earth common sense that I hear from all your contributors. Praying for all of you and for our great nation.

It is absolutely wonderful to see you up there speaking again John… definitely put a smile on my face. We’ve all missed you so much!!!! Prayers are with you to feel better and better. We love you.

Hi John & James : Listened to entire 1 hr show.
I heard you say this morning that according to Juan – the Red Line in the sand was “mandatory jabbing “ for entire population ?

However – I’m 85% sure that you wired Juan – saying that “mandatory jabbing” for military was the Red Line that would precipitate Military intervention !

Which scenario was it ???

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