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Synthetic Viruses Spur Disease Evolution

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By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope
March 24, 2022 

On the Unrestricted Truths show, which aired on March 23, 2022, Dr. Judy Mikovits opened up about the death of her husband, David Nolde, and why she remains in the truth fight to expose toxic vaccines.

Past the bereavement stage since his death last December, Dr. Mikovits discussed how her husband went into a California hospital with COPD and tested COVID-19 positive. The hospital cut off Judy Mikovits from seeing her husband. Isolated in the ICU ward with no witnesses, the hospital staff began to kill him gradually. They snuffed his life with hospice medications, including morphine, the ‘Fauci Protocol‘ of Remdesivir, and the coup de grace of starvation.

With the hospital immune from liability and incentivized by Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion ‘American Rescue Plan 2021‘ to fatten the stats with masses of COVID deaths, Mikovits schemed another plan. Against all odds, she found the lone county coroner to perform an autopsy, proving that her husband was not COVID-19 positive and died of Remdesivir poisoning in the kidneys.

On the show, Mikovits declared her husband had “Proof of immunity, proof of Omicron…” before being admitted to the hospital, adding, “They killed my husband and denied his religious exemption. And Tony Fauci, Robert Levin, Newsom… Governor Newsom, are all criminally liable for premeditated murder.”

The story of David Nolde’s murder at the hands of a hospital, which was once designed to care for and save lives, is one of the thousands carried out against Americans over the past year. Nolde became another victim of Big Medicine run amok. His death echoed the attempted murder and restraint against retired Dr. Stephen Guffanti’s will at Sarasota Memorial Hospital last August.

This author captured Dr. Guffanti’s horrific tale on AMP Media’s “Breaking News” segment. The Gateway Pundit picked up the story, and it went viral. Guffanti would have become another CDC COVID statistic had it not been for his knowledge of internal medicine. He checked himself out under duress with “against medical advice.” However, his 50-year-old roommate, a father, and a marathon runner would not be as fortunate. The roommate died three weeks later from the same malicious treatment.

Dr. Mikovits’ opening, heartfelt segment set the tone for the rest of the show.

2012 Retroviruses Contaminated All Vaccines

Two of the more critical truths Judy Mikovits dropped on the show came in her nuanced understanding of the virus-vaccine timeline of the past twenty years.

First, her discovery of a mouse, leukemia-type retrovirus—XMRV—found in a blood sample at the Nevada National Cancer Institute (NCI) lab, where she worked as a chemist and molecular-biologist for 22 years. That finding catapulted her on an odyssey to find the truth about “synthetic viruses” and expose the criminals that sought to destroy the evidence. When Dr. Mikovits couldn’t be bribed or forced to play ball with NIH’s Director Dr. Francis Collins (ret.) and Dr. Anthony Fauci, they locked down the NCI lab with 40 years of research. Then they went after Mikovits, ensuring her arrest with no charges, and a five-year “gag-order” from a corrupt judge without being indicted, and then they drove her into personal bankruptcy.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Judy Mikovits saw XMRV mouse retroviruses seeded tens of millions of vaccines, making them lethal to many and a ticking time bomb for most regarding their long-term health. By 2012, she possessed scientific proof that “synthetic retroviruses” all childhood and adult vaccines.

The NIH knew about it. But the agency in charge of the NCI did nothing in terms of public safety warning or putting a moratorium on vaccine development. As a result, the liability shield for those health agency criminals, including the Big Pharma vaccine makers, has fallen away. Those children and adults who have suffered vaccine injuries since 2012 will have an opportunity to pursue legal action and claims against their wrongdoers. 

XMRV Mouse Restroviruses. [Credit: Dr. Judy Mikovits.]

2014 Ebola Panic

With weaponized synthetic viruses made in the lab, Judy Mikovits recalled the summer of 2014 when CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson’s testimony led to the making of the movie Vaxxed. The public outing of Thompson’s legal but stealthily recorded conversations exposed the corruption within the CDC. It was a seismic moment that would have shattered the public trust in vaccines as “safe and effective” had mainstream media made the truth into the public domain.

Instead, the pandemic pushers in the CDC, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and the World Health Organization, among other entities, launched an Ebolavirus outbreak. By October, infected American patients flew into the United States with no containment plans. Yet, in succeeding to incite fear and drive pandemic, they prevented any chance for the truth of the CDC corruption to come to light.

Real Anthony Fauci. [Credit: Dr. Judy Mikovits.]

Americans and the world would pay dearly for the truth buried in 2014, in light of COVID-19 synthetic virus and vaccine bioweapon unleashed on the globe the past 27 months.

During the one-hour interview, Dr. Judy Mikovits mentioned that Omicron was a mouse variant discovered in 2010. Therefore, those who had received the flu vaccines during 2016 and 2017 are far more susceptible to suffering from COVID-19 than people who did not take the flu shots five years ago.

Synthetic Viruses and GMO Toxins. [Credit: Dr. Judy Mikovits.]

In the second half of the interview, this author gave Dr. Mikovits the floor to present her latest findings in a deck titled “Synthetic Viruses Masquerade.”

She concluded: “Since 2014, it has been a plague of corruption and had nothing to do with science.”

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Dr. Mikovits’s full presentation is found here.

Dr. Mikovits website:

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