The Biden Mafia Squeezes Big Oil

June 15, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

The “Big Guy,” as Hunter Biden refers to his father, lit into the oil and gas industry majors. Initially, Joe Biden focused his ire on Exxon CEO Darren Woods in a mafia-style letter. He attacked Woods and the other heads of the Big Oil corporations for ‘Bidenflation.’

[Credit: Obama House Archives]

Remarkable only in its sheer audacity and desperation as the Biden regime takes more hits on a daily basis,

Last December, “Mr. Woods,” as Biden addressed him in the letter, rejected the president’s move against oil companies to prevent being labeled a “scapegoat” by the failing regime in Washington, DC. Why should Big Oil be blamed for Joe Biden’s destructive energy policies and the astronomical prices at the pump?

Six months after that veiled threat, Team Biden placed the oil majors in the cross-hairs with his renegade government trying to escape the downward velocity of terrible news heaped on top of worse news.

Let’s not forget that Joe Biden could not sign the World Health Organization’s “pandemic treaty” last month. It’s been one epic failure after another, just like Joe’s derelict son Hunter.

According to the

“Mainstream economists say the notion of blaming inflation on big oil companies is laughable, and Woods agrees.

“‘If you go back in history, every time we see the supply and demand imbalances get tight, and prices rise, you see similar types of investigations,'” he told CNBC. There’s “nothing” there, he said.

“‘This is a commodity market. The prices are set by the amount of supply that’s out there, and by the amount of demand. If you restrict that supply and you don’t do anything about demand, I promise you prices will go up.'”

Biden’s Approval Rating Crashes

With poll numbers cratering, Joe Biden waited six months to resurrect his failed energy policies scapegoat: Big Oil.

The Biden letter is laughable on so many levels. He wrote:

“Dear Mr. Woods:

“I am writing to you about the high prices our fellow Americans are paying at the pump, and how we can all play a part in addressing them. Since the beginning of this year, gasoline prices have increased more than $1.70 per gallon.

“Vladimir Putin’s (Scapegoat No. 1) war of aggression, and the bipartisan and global effort to counter it, has disrupted the global supply of oil and driven up the global price. But the sharp rise in gasoline prices is not driven only by rising oil prices, but by an unprecedented disconnect between the price of oil and the price of gas.

“The last time the price of crude oil was about $120 per barrel, in March, the price of gas at the pump was $4.25 per gallon. Today, gas prices are 75 cents higher, and diesel prices are 90 cents higher.”

First, one must understand that Joe Biden is a “money man,” a capo for the mob. He’s not an economist or one who reads spreadsheets. What happens to an old man who used threats, strongarm tactics, and plagiarism to get ahead in the political arena?

He becomes irrelevant, a caricature of his former projected strength.

Biden’s three-page letter rambles on economically with a special kind of eighth-grade incoherence. Joe even added an embarrassing—to him—gas price graph at the bottom of the first page. Why? Was Biden virtue signaling? Was he trying to educate the CEOs of the oil majors in BP, Shell, Mobil, and Exxon?

That’s a joke. But then, irony knows no bounds when it comes to age, whether an innocent child or a dementia-stricken old man.

[Credit: Joe Biden’s June 14, 2022 letter to Exxon CEO Darren Woods]

In the letter’s last paragraph, Joe Biden scapegoats Putin one more time, labeling his energy inflation as “Vladimir Putin’s Price Hike.”

Biden’s 2010 BP Strong arm

Many will likely not remember the details and backroom deals of the April 2010 BP Oil Spill. But then neither would “Dementia Joe.”

After the Deepwater Horizon oil platform erupted on the runaway, 87-day oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, in which oil contaminated the shores of the Gulf Coast, President Barrack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden held private mafia meetings in the White House. That was done to extract as much blood, “greenbacks,” and future leverage from the BP executive management team.

Following political jockeying in the press and backroom threats, BP agreed to pay a $20 billion greenmail into the “spill fund” to offset the damages, and probably line the pockets of many politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Deeper behind the scenes, this author broke an exclusive story not reported by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or Washington Post.

On day three of the spill, BP had secured 150 metric tons of a clean, EU-approved oil dispersant from the Norwegian government. Then, however, the flight about to be airborne came to an abrupt halt. Obama’s EPA blocked the flight to the United States with “red tape.”

[Credit: James Grundvig, Epoch Times June 10, 2010.]

On June 10, 2010, the article I wrote for the Epoch Times, “Toxic Chemicals Used on Gulf Oil Spill While Alternative Goes Unused,” read in part:

“At the May 27 congressional hearing, Congressman Jerrod Nadler (D-New York) compared the use of (Obama’s) Corexit to that of Agent Orange. He also said, “We are conducting an uncontrolled experiment with all the marine and human life in the Gulf Coast region that could result in thousands and thousands of people getting sick or dying.”

Something even worse happened to the “green” Obama presidency and the Gulf of Mexico.

The use of the EU-rejected, toxic, U.S. manufactured Corexit dispersant—from Illinois—sank all of the surface oil to the bottom of the Gulf. Obama and Biden’s solution to the biggest oil spill in U.S. history should read: Out of sight. Out of mind.

That autumn, UC Davis and Georgia University scientists borrowed BP’s submersibles and dove down to the bottom. What they saw stunned them.

There sat a 25-mile radius “bathtub ring” of black sludge spread out over the seafloor. The mat was a couple of inches thick and killed all marine life in the area. One can label that damage as a “dead zone.”

With Corexit sinking and then burying the oil, the Obama Administration claimed victory, while Democrats and Republicans made a financial windfall on the Corexit product with the competition cleared out of the way from the start.

Now, do you see how the real Joe Biden rolls?

Desperate to bury his decrepit energy sector policies and 40-year-high inflation, Joe Biden is pushing for another backroom deal with the oil companies CEOs. A dozen years on, it sounds like we are back at the BP oil spill table to broker another mob deal.

With most economists and media pundits seeing through the veil of incompetence, expect Joe Biden’s disastrous approval rating to drop even more in the coming weeks. His regime is corrupt and highly unqualified to steer the American people through the economic storm that Joe Biden created.

What will Biden do when the stuff hits the fan this summer? Will he blame President Trump? Will he blame Vladimir Putin for the 80th time? Will he continue scapegoating Exxon, Mobil, BP, Shell, and the other oil conglomerates?

More importantly, when will the American people, particularly those who voted for Joe Biden in 2020—dead or alive—wake up to the demolition of the U.S. economy in record time by a regime that ran amok over individuals’ and states’ rights under the U.S. constitution?

Maybe the ‘Big Guy’ won’t be able to get a handout from the oil companies, as he did from his crack-smoking son, Hunter, the Chinese Communist Party, or the Nazis running Ukraine into the ground today. 

When will the Democrat party cut bait with Joe Biden?

His imploding economy and his destructive, anti-American cabinet belong to him.

Maybe it’s time for the American public to strongarm Joe Biden into permanent retirement.

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