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The Container Ship In The Room

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The “elephant in the room” is a phrase that describes when something is obvious but not talked about in the open. Well, right now we have an international news story that is screamingly obvious to anons who have been studying the Q intel drops. To say nothing about this unraveling news story would be journalistic negligence.

I’m speaking of one of the world’s largest container ships, the “Ever Given” manufactured by Evergreen Marine Corp, blocking the Suez Canal (perhaps the world’s most vital shipping lane). The ship was going from China to the Netherlands.

The price of oil spiked after the shipwreck as many container ships now have to go the whole way around the southern tip of Africa as an alternate route. The efforts to free the ship may take weeks.

The “official” story is that a wind storm caused the ship to lose control and get beached. However this kind of thing has never happened before and many have said that it would take hurricane force winds to affect a ship of that size.

The route that the ship took during the “wind storm” just so happens to draw a perfect picture of male genitalia.

Is this just a random shipwreck that’s no big deal? Well, the military activity surrounding it would make me think differently. The Russian Navy is positioned on one side of the canal and the US Navy is positioned on the other side.

Other ships are now trapped and being detained.

For those of you familiar with theories related to the Evergreen shipping company, you’re probably already connecting the dots. What if this whole situation is a sting for human trafficking?

How would a wind blown ship that is one of the biggest in the world draw a picture that clearly? A plausible theory being put out there is that the navigation system could have been hacked by whitehats.

The call sign for the vessel is H3RC, which some have pointed out is not a far cry from the initials for Hilary Rodham Clinton, who has been at the center of human trafficking accusations.

Evergreen, the word that is painted in bold letters across the ship and is sinking into the consciousness of millions of people watching this story…also happens to be the secret service code name for none other than Hilary Clinton.

The call signs for the tug boats trying to free the vessel are Baraka and Mosaed.

Have all of these names been chosen as comms for the world to understand a deeper narrative? And what could that expertly drawn picture of male genitalia be trying to communicate?

Is it just a matter of time before the cargo aboard these trapped vessels are inspected and made public? I don’t know what could be aboard…could be drugs, humans, black market precious metals, or perhaps the operation will remain clandestine and we will never know.

But I am watching out for any military or false flag activity in the region and around the world that might distract from this situation because my gut tells me the deep state does not want us to know whats on those ships.

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