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The Cosmetic Makeover of Nancy Pelosi

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August 2, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

First and foremost, Nancy Pelosi’s broadcast trip to Taiwan sought to burnish her dented image with a tough on Communist China stance. That it comes after a slew of public scandals that weakened her politically shouldn’t surprise anyone. Her trip also served a second purpose as a media distraction away from the missing-in-action President Joe Biden.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (L) with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen at the presidential office in Taipei. [Taiwan Presidential Office via AFP]

Pelosi’s half-dozen scandals are coming to a head in 2022, including her husband Paul’s DUI arrest in Napa Valley in late May. Then what about the FBI is investigating her son Paul Pelosi Jr.’s alleged bribe scheme with links to five shady companies?

From the New York Post: “The 52-year-old Paul Pelosi Jr., the only son of Nancy and Paul Pelosi Sr., was hired by several firms that were subject to both federal and state probes, and meanwhile has ‘connections to a host of fraudsters, rule-breakers, and convicted criminals…'”

Then there is the conflict of Paul and Nancy’s raking in millions from her Congressional microchip insider trading, which, belatedly, led to a new bill to prevent such gross abuse of power. Last week, her husband Paul dumped Nvidia stock, making a huge profit on the exit.

Yet, more problematic for the American peoples is Nancy Pelosi‘s loss of mental acuity, her inability to form coherent sentences or string along a single thought. This issue dates back to November 2021. And it should be a concern for every American.

Long past her expiration date, the 80-year-old House Speaker’s trip to Taiwan marked more than a political stunt. Nancy Pelosi needed to show the world she is tough, in command, and won’t back down from CCP threats, despite being in bed with Communist China on multiple fronts.

The only question remains: How deep in bed is Pelosi with the CCP? Joe Biden deep? Hunter Biden deep? Or does she wade into the shallow end of the corruption pool?

For Nancy Pelosi, it’s all about securing a trifecta on her way to retirement. Her legacy. A windfall of money. And concealing her corruption in Ukraine and other geopolitical hotbeds.

Another scandal, which came and then disappeared in a flash, saw the Congresswoman dance around 200 Republicans demand that she launch a Covid-19 origin investigation. Such a probe would likely expose and link her to the CCP virus pandemic coverup committed by many agencies of the U.S. government.

[Credit: Image montage created by James Grundvig]

Nancy Pelosi with Hunter Biden’s Hard Drives

There’s more with ‘Kneeling Nancy.’ A lot more.

In an article written by Chang Dao for\ on October 1, 2020, “America, We Have Been Trying to Tell You This for a While: The CCP Has Infiltrated Our Country,” her dark machinations dropped into the light.

“… Lu De, CCP Chairman Xi Jinping had his trusted connection send Hunter Biden’s materials and information containing overseas assets of three top CCP families to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at an earlier time. The purposes are two-fold: to inform the House Speaker that the Democrat had no choice but to cooperate with the CCP, and to offer assets of families other than Xi and Wang, the No.1 and No. 2 of the CCP regime, as compensations to settle the damages that the CCP Coronavirus has caused to the Americans. [Emphasis ours.]

“Lu De explained that, once these families gained knowledge that Xi Jinping had made them the scapegoats, one of them, or perhaps all of them, decided to send copies of other materials to Nancy Pelosi and the Justice Department. Thus, the story of the three hard drives came to be.” [Emphasis ours.]

If true, and it does feel that way, then Speaker Pelosi and the U.S. Department of Justice have been sitting on the Hunter Biden hard drives for years. How lawless will that be when a 2023 Congressional committee investigates the Biden family’s real crimes and treasonous acts against the United States?

The Pelosi Psyop Propagated by Big Media

This morning on CNBC Squawk Box, Kyle Bass gushed over Nancy Pelosi’s legacy for her being brave to stare down Chairman Xi Jinping and the CCP when she crossed the “red line” to visit the leaders of Taiwan. Unfortunately for the Texas investor and private equity financier, Bass’ crusade against the Chinese Communist Party fogged his glasses.

Bewitched, Kyle Bass failed to see the Pelosi psyop as misdirection that the Speaker’s trip played. That included distracting the public from Joe Biden’s second Covid diagnosis and his “isolation” that leaves a power vacuum in the Beltway the Deep State is trying to hide.

  • Or the Monkeyhoax narrative that fell apart in a week;
  • Or Bidenflation destroying the U.S. economy and grinding the middle-class to dust;
  • Or the implosion of Ukraine’s army in the conflict with Russia;
  • Or imposing another round of Covid lockdowns to cover up the “vaccine AIDS,” which is the cause behind the Covid-positive rates exploding higher.

At what point will mainstream media start reporting the truth? At what point will they stop fawning over a derelict in her duties and corrupt House Speaker? At what point will her personal exploits and alleged treasonous activities with the Chinese Communist Party be exposed? As such, is her involvement with the CCP the reason why she won’t or cannot launch a Congressional-funded probe into the origin of Covid-19, because she is leveraged?

Beyond remaking her image, sponsoring the U.S. DoD Biolabs built in Taiwan, and taking the semiconductor meeting to line her pockets, The National Pulse published a story on a fourth reason why Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan: Importing China’s social credit system.

Written by Natalie Winters on August 1, 2022, “Pelosi-Linked Lobbyists Are Pushing China’s Social Credit System For American Citizens: As Pelosi Stays Mum on Taiwan, Her Network is Lobbying for CCP Social Credit Companies,” it opens:

“Ant Group—a payment platform used to implement “vaccine passports” and a “social credit” system in China—has retained a number of American lobbying firms, including some with ties to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former President Barack Obama, and failed presidential candidate Senator Mitt Romney.” [Emphasis ours.]

The article argues that she is far deeper in the CCP pockets than is being divulged. Winters further connects the dots between the House Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), their maximum donors, the Speaker’s cabinet, campaign advisors to George H.W. Bush and Mitt Romney, the D.C. lobbying group OB-C Group, and an influential Beltway law firm.

This incestuous, political, and financial relationship with Communist China jumped the shark with the Nancy Pelosi “dance with death” theater the media hyped and embellished.

No way would the PLA start World War III over an old political heel wearing a pink pantsuit.

Not a chance.

[Credit: Tau Braun]

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