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The Covid-19 Bio Weapon and Mass Arrest Coming Soon, Be Ready | Wake Up America Ep. 14

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8/4/2021 | 4:30PM | Wake Up America Ep. 14








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10 replies on “The Covid-19 Bio Weapon and Mass Arrest Coming Soon, Be Ready | Wake Up America Ep. 14”

“Link Below”: This is a Military Psy Op Channel; They’ve Been Promising These Arrest Since Trump Took Office; “This Clown, Pryme Minister, And Clown, Gerry Foley, Are Intelligence Agents”; Pryme Minister Even Lies, About Trump Killing Hillary In Guantanamo; He Prays To Fake Jew Jesus, While Selling Us “ILLUMINATI ‘PUPPET, TRUMP”: Pryme Minister Starts Showing Obama Flashing: “The 666 Sign Of Satan”: “Here’s Trump Doing The Same”!!!

“Link Below”: “Pryme Minister”: Scott Bennett: Jim Fetzer: Will Not Touch This, More Than Likely: “Neither Will You Or Your Fake Christian, Side Kick”: “Trump Is ‘A Rothschild/C.I.A.,’ Agent” (A Money Laundering Front Man): “He Sold Us Out, ‘For The Rothschild/United Nations’ Agenda” (“A One World Communist Government; ‘Led By China, Controlled By The Rothschild’s United Nations,’ He Put Us Under Their Control, In This Scamdemic)”; The Vaccines, That Will Wipe Out Our Military, As You Have Correctly Pointed Out, Are Part Of The Agenda, “Trump, Willfully, Knowingly, Did This To Our Troops”; And Like Fetzer, You Still Promote The Criminal MF:

“Pryme Minister”: “How Is Trump Going To Stop The Illuminati, When He Is Illuminati”?
What Trump doesn’t tell his readers is what the late Andrew St. George reported in The Spotlight on October 30, 1978 (and in the previous September 25, 1978, issue): Resorts International was established and controlled by front men for the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and their “enforcers” in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its allied intelligence agency, Israel’s Mossad.

“Link Below”: “Pryme Minister”: “Claimed Hillary Was Hung In Guantanamo”: “More Lies”: 2016 = TRUMP SAYS HE’D PUT HILLARY IN JAIL … 2017 = TRUMP APPLAUDS PRAISES HILLARY & BILL CLINTON!: Zionist Fetzer: “Trump Clowns You Again”: When are you going to Retire, Agent, Fetzer? “Your Repeated ‘Left Right Paradigm,’ Has Caught You, Again”: “You Lie For Zionist Jew, Trump, And The Republican Party, At Your Own Expense; You Have No Standards, Morals, Ethics; You’re Another Puppet, Like Trump, And His Friends, The Clintons”:

“Link Below”: “These Clowns Think We’re Stupid”: Trump, Started “This Genocide On Us, For His Rothschild Handlers/Israel”: “Zionist, Trump, Handed ‘The Baton’ To Zionist, Biden”; The Killer Vaccines; The Vaccine Passports; Mandatory Vaccines (The Mark Of The Beast); Would Have Happened If Puppet, Trump, Were Elected, Instead Of Israel’s Puppet Of Choice, Biden; These Fake Christians: “Are Intelligence Agents”: 1 MINUTE- TRUMP SAYS “WE GOT THE VACCINE DONE IN 9 MONTHS AND THE VAX WILL SAVE THE WORLD!”:

“Link Below”: “Pryme Minister”: As A Black American, I’m Calling You And This Fake, White Man, Foley, Out; You give up your game, from the start: “YOU’RE HERE TO EXPOSE DEMOCRATS”: “Both Parties Are Controlled By Israel”; You Don’t Engage In The Comment Section; “Trump Did Nothing For Americans, Everything For Israel”: “Jew Jesus Never Existed”: And like “The Uncle Tom You Truly Are, ‘You Show Up With A Phony, White Man, Foley,’ To Tell Us Puppet, Trump, Who Started This Genocide On Us, ‘Has Our Backs’; Both Of You Say: ‘Trust Jesus, Trust The White Man’s God, Trust This Satanic Military’; We’re Just Stupid Niggers”!!!

THE ISRAEL LOBBY’S POWER OVER CONGRESS: BOTH PARTIES OBEY: “Within 15 Seconds, You See Trump Kissing Israel’s/Netanyahu’s Ass, With The Democrats, You’re Here To Expose”; Then Agents, Pryme Minister, And Foley, Continue: “The Left Right Paradigm BS”: “Both Parties Have Sold Us Out”: We’re Now, Thanks To Trump: “The North American Union, Inc.”; “Under ‘The Rothschild’s, United Nation’s’ Control”: Trump’s “USMCA” Made Us A: “Fascist, Corporate, Dictatorship”:

As We Say “In The Hood”: “Right Game: Wrong Nigger”!!!

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