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The Dark Agenda of the CCP | MSOM Ep.288

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The Dark Agenda of the CCP | MSOM Ep.288

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Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.





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15 replies on “The Dark Agenda of the CCP | MSOM Ep.288”

Thanks Sean, great show. Tried to watch this on FaceBook but it kept gettin cut off for some reason, so came to the website. Your guest is very interesting to listen to, gkad she is spreading the truth to the Chinese. I hope this crazy war is over soon. But no matter what happens on this earth, God still reigns from heaven, and His will is supreme over any cabal crap going on down here!!! GOD WINS!!! God bless!

today’s guest is very interesting and the topic about CCP in particular, can we have her back to chat more about that ? Thanks.

Sean is great

More fantasy gibberish cognitive dissonance to distract yourself from the reality of having to criticize Trump for everything that has been allowed to happen the past year.

I want to say how much I appreciate your journalism. Like John, an honest anchor. Grounded, and not manipulative with guests. May you have your own daily broadcast hour here. I will gladly tune in. Peg Gerber

I found it, it’s on the scree【老安有话说】maybe laoan, the show is in Chinese, you may want to try to copy and paste above Chinese title on YouTube.

Great Show…IMO Ann is on target i.e., the truth of the Cabal and what is going on behind the scenes or at least as close as we can get to it in this moment in time. All of this I’ve learned of and it is so good to hear it going out to the one’s who have not been awakened to the truth. Sean you are one of my favorite hosts and I trust what you put out there. Thank you for the interview and Blessing to you both!

Great show and I’m looking forward to Ann’s live show. I am her audience from her Radio show and her new YouTube channel. Is there easier way to leave comment? It’s like YouTube, I can make comment of a show freely without have to fill out email/name etc. Thanks for AMP, good quality

I have heard thru United Network News that Donald Trump is part of the order of the Black Sun. I Don’t know, I was hoping he was a good guy. But, as with everything, time will tell. If he doesn’t come back we will know. It has been said that a new person will be in charge. If he comes back , time will reveal if he is on the good guys & peoples side. But, if he doesn’t, it means the benevolent races do not trust him anymore than they trust a genocidal idiot. Time will tell.

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