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The Dark Side of LGBTQ+

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Its June again, and you know what that means. Rainbows. lots of rainbows from corporations trying to virtue signal.

But it’s not just corporations, it’s the government.

Even the US Embassy is flying the rainbow flag in the face of the largest Christian sect in the world.

At one point in the past, the left stood up for the rights of minorities who were discriminated against. Now they are trying to mandate that corporations need to hire a certain percentage of minorities or LGBTQ people regardless of merit.

You see the left is not satisfied to attain equality for its endless subgroups of victims it advocates for…no they will push and push until all forms of sexuality are accepted no matter whose rights are violated.

A good example of this is the blatant disregard for children’s innocence.

Here are some sources to research:

Pedophiles trying to join the LGBTQ Spectrum
Biden’s Health Secretary Support Chemical Castration of Kids
Transactivist mandating unisex bathrooms accused of molesting 60 children
PBS Grooms 3 Year Olds with DragQueen Story Time
Drag Queen Storytime Reader once charged with child sex assault
Judge who headed ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ sponsor arrested on child porn charges

Some people are willing to stand up against this ideology that tells you how you must speak (pronouns) and what you must believe about gender identity. This teacher was fired for doing it.

Once again its Gov. Desantis to the rescue. Today he is banning biological boys from girls sports. Is he the only Republican governor with a backbone?

There is a new conservative movement to push back against LGBTQ+ and it’s symbol.

Conservatives are seeking to reclaim the rainbow, declaring June Christianity month.

To a leftist the rainbow represents diversity, rights, freedom, and pride. But to a Christian, Muslim or Jew it could symbolize a promise from God from the old testament.

The LGBTQ ideology is summarized by one word. Pride. And they think that’s a good thing. Ironically the word pride signifies one of the deadly sins of the 3 monotheistic religions of the world.

and “pride parades” are often drug fueled sexualized parties that no responsible parent would allow a young child to go to. Many in the gay community agree and that is the point. LGBTQ+ does not actually represent the ideology of all gay or marginalized people. Its a con.

Conservatives believe in freedom and human rights. We embrace diverse people into our movement. We want to be accepting and tolerant of everyone. But we will not sacrifice family values for the sake of a leftist’s definition of “inclusion”.

Now that I’ve publicly stated I’m against LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ ideology…

…it will live forever on the internet and in Biden’s America I may not be able to secure employment in corporate America. You see how this works? Stand up for children, stand up for family, stand up for your religious beliefs, and you will be canceled by the leftist mob that has infiltrated the power structure of our society.

But that power structure is crumbling and now that we know their playbook of destroying the family unit and sexualizing our children, we know how to counter their strategy.

Stand up to the mob, stand up for children’s innocence, stand up for your spiritual beliefs, and reclaim the rainbow as a symbol of God’s promise.

The left will not control our culture any longer if we make our voices heard. From school boards, to town meetings, we will not let this toxic ideology influence our communities any longer.


Just because I am against modern LGBTQ+ leftist ideology doesn’t mean I hate gays or anyone else. Just because I don’t like BLM doesn’t mean I hate blacks. Just because I don’t want to give Israel billions of dollars a year doesn’t mean I hate Jews. Do you see how the leftists box their opposition into a corner by labeling them as “intolerant”?

Don’t fall for it.

This is an excerpt of Sean Morgan’s monologue from Episode 275 of Making Sense Of The Madness. Get more articles from Sean Morgan at

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