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The Deep State’s Plan and How To Counter

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Perhaps you always knew that there was a dark power behind the scenes. Perhaps you started to wake up to it in 2020 with the acceleration of propaganda.

What is the goal of this dark power?

Its not hard to figure out. Just look at the communist and fascist regimes in the past. They want absolute control.

There is a four step process of achieving absolute control in the 21st century. Its pretty similar to what the process was like in Nazi Germany or early Communist Russia/China but with more advanced scientific tools like DNA manipulation and internet censorship.

The deep state has no way of controlling the population in America and the West with the current state of things. We have way too much access to information, too high level of education (ability to think critically) and there are too many of us (with guns).

That’s why their plan must include the following four steps:

1. Stopping the access of information.

You see this with the great firewall of China. Currently in China you can’t access western social media like Youtube. You can’t search for the real history of communist atrocities on search engines. This must be achieved in the West for the deep state to win.

You can already see the deep state activating its assets in big tech to achieve censorship of information about vaccines, Hunter Biden, and any topic that would disrupt its agenda.

We can battle this deep state ploy by joining alternative social media like ,Telegram and ,Gab and sharing information. We can store information offline. We can use privacy tools like encrypted email, messaging, and the ,use of VPNs to prevent surveillance and censorship.

2. The second step the deep state must take to achieve absolute control is stopping our ability to think critically.

You can see how limiting information plays into stopping our ability to think critically as well. However the deep state must train citizens to be dumb and obedient throughs state education. From preschool to Phd we are taught to obey authority, memorize facts, and accept preselected theories.

The media from news, Hollywood, and music trains us to focus on sin, sex, and gossip and accept the given narrative of the deep state such as “Orange Man Bad”.

The media also trains us to hate ourselves, our race, our gender, our sexual orientation, our religion, and hate others who are different from us as well. This keeps us in a constant state of inner and outer conflict instead of critical thought but it also makes us destroy each other. Which leads to the 4th step of control (civil war).

We can counteract this control tactic by going on an MSM diet. Cut out the propaganda and fill yourself with life giving information.

No matter how much culture tries to make you hate yourself and others, reinforce your love and pride in yourself, your unique identity, ethnicity, gender, etc. And commit yourself to loving all of God’s children who are different from you. Commit yourself to zero violence except in cases of self defense.

3. The third step to total deep state control is financial weakness and dependence.

The first world is much too prosperous for the deep state to defeat. We are too strong, independent, and powerful. The deep state must make us weak, poor, and dependent.

Through inflation, the value of our savings goes steadily down every year and the cost of goods go up. The consolidation of corporate power makes average people more and more poor and unable to compete or choose alternatives to buy. Eventually the big companies will eat up all the small ones and all people will be employees and consumers of the same handful of companies.

The bigger the government and the more poor the people are, the more ripe they are to give up liberties in exchange for financial life.

4. The final step of the deep state for absolute control is mass depopulation.

The deep state absolutely must get rid of most of the population to defeat us and those that are left must be dumb, passive, obedient, and disarmed. Please study how depopulation was blatantly used in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia/China. Its an old script that they’re still using today.

Depopulation happens on many fronts.

Abortion: This causes millions of deaths every year and its why its such a big part of communist China and Democrat ideology. Look at where the richest people in the world like Warren Buffet have put their charitable foundation money.
Violence/War: The deep state must provoke a war between major powers and bait citizens into civil war. (Mass population die offs mostly occur with war and disease).
Vaccines: Advanced DNA manipulation type vaccines that can be activated by other factors such as 5g or biological weapons (Mass population die offs mostly occur with war and disease).
Food and Water Poisoning: Poison our food supply with fake food to degrade our DNA and not provide us with enough vital nutrients, poison us with toxins used to grow food, put chemicals in our water supply (all of these things make us weaker, dumber, and more passive)
Medical Treatment Poisoning: Poison us with medical treatments for our problems caused by our toxic lifestyles and make money while doing it.
Pollution: Poison our bodies through pollution in the air and water caused by industrial toxins and antiquated technology that could easily be corrected. We don’t see it as much in the first world, but pollution in most of the world’s cities requires a mask to avoid poisoning.

So as you can see, the problems all have counter actions. You can eat real healthy non GMO food grown without toxins to avoid food poisoning. You can filter your water to prevent water poisoning. You can homeschool and refuse vaccines. All of the solutions are obvious, but they aren’t convenient.

The West and really the whole world is at war against this dark force. Once you understand their nature and tactics, its easy to counteract them. They are not close to winning. But now you have a roadmap to see if they’re making progress or not.

Who are they? ,The Q intel drops pointed to a power structure that is falling. But ultimately they are just a collection of beings who have decided to control others instead of love them.. They unite because they can achieve more that way. Birds of a feather flock together.

And so do us awakened souls who choose life, liberty, knowledge, love, and peace.

It seems that this battle between good and evil is just part of the landscape of this dimension on earth. Choose the right side…there could be eternal consequences.

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