The Duality of the 3D Matrix Is Why Humans Pick Sides

Column: The True Nature of Our Matrix – Bridging Science and Spirituality

November 4, 2023

By Caroline Chang, AMP Journal, AMP News, Inc.

Have you ever wondered why people pick sides whenever there is a conflict? I have. Picking a side only perpetuates the conflict. This is a major downfall in human society, it is what keeps humanity divided.

In general, people pick sides because they do not understand the true nature of the reality we are living in. They do not understand that this is a dualistic simulation reality of our own creation. Each one of us is creating this reality individually and collectively. Which means you personally experience your own reality from your individual consciousness. And collectively, we each are experiencing the world from our collective consciousness together.

Duality and perceived separation are a huge aspect of this 3D Matrix. In this simulation we perceive things to be separate from us, we appear to be separate from each other. In Truth there is nothing separate in the entire universe, it is all ONE, there is only one “source energy”, one consciousness for all of creation.

A Duality to Divide and Conquer

The Globalist elites understands this reality much better than the mass population. The elites do not want us to learn about the true nature of our reality. They use the perception of separation and duality to divide us, to keep us fighting each other. The only way they would be able to control all of us is by keeping us divided.

They do this by keeping us divided by skin color, religion, politics, culture, gender, and ethnicity. They will use whatever they can to keep us divided. Because when humanity finally comes together and unites as ONE, regardless of our differences, then Game Over for them.

Our Universal Oneness and Unity are undeniable! Ancient wisdom, spirituality, and the modern science of quantum physics teach us this Universal Truth, the Universal Law of One. This is something we should all know by now, and should be taught to us from birth. Nevertheless, this is one of the main truths that has been deliberately hidden from us. Yet, it is hidden in plain sight for those with eyes to see.

Alternative Media and Mainstream

Many in alternative media with very large audiences are doing the same thing as the mainstream media, they are choosing sides. They are picking sides and encouraging their listeners to do the same. At this critical junction that we are living in on earth, there is only one side and that is the side of humanity as a whole.

To take a side against anyone, or any conflict, or anything is taking sides against humanities’ survival on this planet. The only way humanity can survive is coming together as one family. To continue on fighting, killing and warring with each other comes to only one end, humanity destroying itself.

Anyone encouraging you to choose a side is not awake; they are still asleep to the true meaning of this reality and asleep to why we are here. If they are encouraging you to take sides over religion, over politics, over anything, then they are still asleep to the Big Picture. There are varying degrees of being awake.

Some are awake spiritually, yet asleep to what is going on all around them in the 3D Matrix. Others are awake to what is going on in the 3D Matrix, yet very much asleep spiritually. To be fully awake you must be awake to both aspects.

Therefore, people with a large influence and huge audiences may just be ignorant to the truth and some may be a part of the Globalists’ deception, and they are deliberately attempting to mislead you. Also, it could be a combination of both, deception and ignorance.

Choose Humanity, Not Sides

When people choose sides, they start to make excuses and become unapologetic for all the wrong that is being done on their chosen side. They will even contradict themselves to defend their chosen side. A perfect example of this is Trump supporters. They worship him as if he is a God and our Savior. Then they will make excuses for anything he does, like his “Warp Speed” vaccines.

Trump to this day still brags about “Warp Speed” and wants all the credit for these deadly shots. He wants the credit for them, I personally have no problem giving him the credit he is asking for. However, every Trump supporter will get upset with you if you mention that true simple fact. I keep hearing Trump supporters say that Trump is not a politician, therefore they are even denying the true definition of a politician, which is incredible. A politician is any person who runs for public office.

Trump is just a man; he is no ones’ Savior. When you feel the need for someone outside of yourself to save you, when you already have all the innate God given power you were born with. You are giving it away to a person, or a government, or some form of authority you feel must save you. God/Source/All That IS has given you everything you need to save yourself.

When people choose sides, they make excuses and become blind to 100% Truth, because the truth that does not line up with the side they have chosen is no longer true. When you choose a side you become half blind, because there is always some truth on both sides and all sides of any issue.

Time to Stand Up for ALL of Humanity

Now is the time to stop taking sides and stand up for ALL of Humanity as One Family. We can love and respect each other in spite of our differences or opinions. We are all meant to be unique, and our diversity is the spice of life. It would be very dull if we were all the same.

Wake up Humanity! There are no sides to take other than the side of Humanity’s survival. We can only survive if we learn to love each other and live on this planet in peace and harmony for the good of all mankind.

We as a species must stand up for our freedom against the small percent of Globalists trying to control and enslave us, while killing off as many as they can. So there are fewer people to have to control and enslave. In every world event, they are controlling both sides of the conflict. When you choose a side, you are only choosing their side and making them stronger.

Take a Good Look at Humanity’s History

The last few articles I have published were all about False Flag events. All of the major wars in humanity’s history have been started by these False Flag events. And I am really shocked to see that these tactics of the Globalists are still working. The events in Israel on October 7th were a False Flag the same as 9/11, which ushered in 20 years of war.

It is time for humanity to really take a good look at itself, take a good look in the mirror. It is very true the words in the song “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson. World peace starts within you. If there is no peace in your heart, there cannot be peace in the world.

Media to Listen to and Follow

The media I would recommend is the media that is focusing on unbiased Truth. The media that is standing for truth against all the lies and propaganda we have been sold our entire lives. The media that is standing strong against all government tyranny. The media that is standing strong for freedom for all people everywhere.

The media that is uniting humanity and not dividing humanity by taking sides in global conflicts that we know are deliberately created by the Globalists to divide us. They need to divide us so they can conquer and control us.  

A media that is uniting us to stand up for our own sovereignty against one common enemy, the Globalists that want to kill most of us and transform those that remain into Cyborgs.

The Ultimate Deception

There is only one enemy we must stand up against and that enemy is truly not separate from us because nothing is separate in the universe. I realize this is the most difficult thing for humans to wrap their minds around because we have always been taught good vs evil, the light vs the dark. This is the ultimate deception because there is only ONE.

Many call this a spiritual war, when this is a spiritual chess match, it’s all a cosmic game. It is all a cosmic game that All That Is or Source is playing to experience everything. Unity consciousness and Universal Oneness is the higher dimension, it is the 5th dimension where humans are heading and very much on that road.

Together we will all awaken to the universal truth of Unity Consciousness and the higher dimension of 5D New Earth. This is not “woo woo”, this is pure modern-day science. Science has proven over 100 years ago that there is nothing separate in the universe, this is known as quantum entanglement and the unified field.

Understanding The True Nature of Our Reality

This is what the Globalists know that they do not want you to know. To understand the true nature of our reality, we must take a journey beyond duality and separation consciousness. We must enter into unity consciousness. Once we do that, Game Over for the Globalists.

I am happy to report that humanity is well on its way to unity consciousness and 5D New Earth. I know if you are still watching the nightly News you are wondering how I can make such a statement. Another thing that is important to understand about the nature of our reality is that nothing is EVER as it appears to be in the 3D Matrix. Most of the time it is the exact opposite.

We must have a breakthrough to get to where we are going. There must be a demolition of the old to build the New. Understand that not one soul is ever harmed in this process, life is eternal and there is overwhelming evidence of this fact.

Today, I am going to see the new movie “After Death”. It was just released last weekend and it is a great documentary film about evidence that life is eternal. My son Kyle passed away 9 years ago, and I have his voice and images of him from the spirit realm. I have physical proof my son is not gone.

Do You Truly Know How to Be Sovereign?

When you are fully Awake to who you truly are as a Sovereign Divine Being of Light and the true nature of reality you know how to walk in your own sovereignty. You know how to live fearlessly. You have no desire to give the innate power you are born with away to anyone. Not to a government, not to anyone who tries to claim authority over you.

You will obey Universal law, God’s laws, natural laws, not unjust man-made laws. Actually, it is your duty to yourself and the future of humanity to not comply with unjust, unconstitutional laws and mandates. Which a mandate is not even a law.

This is not difficult to do at all when you are truly fully awake. It only seems difficult and fearful if you are still somewhat asleep. This is never a judgement, just an observation. Every soul is on the same journey to awakening, we are just at different places on that journey. Each soul will awaken in their own unique perfect timing.


Author Bio:

Caroline Chang has been the producer and podcast host of Awake 2 Oneness Radio for 8 years. She is also the founder of the KYLE Foundation (Keep Your Light Expanding), named after her son who is in spirit, and co-founder of Universal Oneness Alliance. Caroline has been on the frontline of the Truth and Freedom movement since March 2020, as well as a speaker, author, and mentor to many who are dealing with difficult life situations.

Editor’s note:

The Column: The True Nature of Our Matrix: Bridging Science and Spirituality” is a new weekly column that is written by Columnist Caroline Chang for AMP Journal. This new weekly column is Part 1 of the Part N series that will be thought-provoking, look at life through a different lens, and install light and faith in each of us. We hope you enjoy it.

 ~ James Grundvig, Editor-in-Chief at AMP Journal.

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