The Evils Of Communism: Frank De Varona | MSOM Ep.310




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  • Only our US elected President DJ Trump can fix this global mess, by firstly eradicating the enemies within, and the domino effect will follow around the globe! MAGA!

  • What about recently how DeSantis was on CNN promoting the kill shot?? It’s floating all over the internet. I think he is a trader if he is pushing the needle and he sold us out! I guess money talks! WE WANT OUR FREEDOM AND WHATS MORALLY RIGHT!!! All the tyranny these government traders have their hands in these terrible acts against humanity deserve the death penalty! (Gates, Fauci, Biden Cumo, crazy Nancy and all their gang members) We do NOT need psycho paths walking this earth like this! Enough is enough!!!

  • lets make sure while we discuss the evils of communism that we tell the TRUTH. Communism was created by jews, financed by jews, and instigated by jews. the vast majority of positions of power in the USSR were held by jews. They were called JEWISH bolsheviks and JEWISH chekists for a reason. these people did the most sick, disgusting, horrific tortures you can imagine and are responsible for 100s of millions of deaths. there were literally hundreds of print media articles, newspapers, and magazines, from the 20s and 30s penned by jews not just admitting communism equals judaism, but PROUD OF IT and expressing pride in the human carnage that resulted from communism. That’s the real history. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote books about this which are CENSORED in the WEST.

    • I think you have to be careful about pointing at “Jews”. That is the kind of reasoning that Adolf Hitler applied to murder millions of Jews…. okay…so you say that the Holocaust never happened. I have a Jewish tax client who lost her entire family in Europe which consisted of over 1500 family members to the Nazi’s. She is quite emotional about this lost. She escaped Europe as a 13-year old girl with her mother, her father, a medical doctor from Belgium who went before them to Panama on an illegal visa to fix shoes. She goes back in 1946 and that bastard murdered her entire Jewish family save it be two cousins who survived the War living in Paris France. The answer is to recognize that PEOPLE do evil things.. people of all races, religions and nations.