May 6, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

They mapped the final cataclysm—to the end.

Two and a half years into the Covid Operation, the black hats reveal how they will collapse the world. The four pillars that underpin their Plan are food, energy, money, and envenomation. With government agencies stripping the first two, consumed daily, from core inflation, hiding the theft of money.

As J.P. Morgan once said: “Gold is money; everything else is credit.”

[Credit: image montage created by James Grundvig]

Governments can print money, but they can’t print food. Energy needs to be captured or extracted, stored, then transferred and distributed before using it. Envenomation, however, sits as the cherry on top of the Plan to crash global markets.

By deploying vectors of poison, such as viruses, EMF radiation, vaccines, geoengineering the sky with heavy metals dust, and contaminating food, water, and clothing with sublethal doses of toxins over the decades, the Cabal nears its goal of total control over a sapped humankind.

The second leg of envenomation, invisible to most, conditioned and poisoned the minds of the masses with lies and propaganda, using the art of concealment to hide the truth.

This spring—shocked awake—many people now see the threats looming on the horizon. They are finally connecting the points of failure that will collapse societies. Sure, it took a combination of increasing attacks on Food, Energy, Money, and Envenomation (FEME) to stir more people from their deep slumber.

Still, few see how the Great Orchestration is being conducted, what cogs are interlinked to specific sectors, or who the players are behind the symphony of destruction.

To ignore a spiritual component to this global crisis will seal the fate of many.

The Four Horsemen of 2022

Are we in the End Times? Hard to say. But it feels like it. The dark vision of John of Patmos, the author of the Book of Revelation, recounted a fountain of images spewing forth as God’s wrath against a world gone wicked, devoid of human empathy.

One of the more impressionable visions of the Apostle John fixated on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. The Four Horsemen descending to earth ready to unleash misery and ruin upon humanity, false prophets, and renegade governments.

In 2022, what we are witnessing might not be God’s wrath per se but a decades-old master plan trying to bear fruit. 

Like the devil, the Plan comes by many names. They are all tied to a single common denominator: One world governance. That would make elections of government leaders obsolete and bypass all God-given natural laws and national constitutions.

Over the past generation, the names of the Plan and their morphing agendas were published in the public domain. Still people slept.

Our Common Future” (1987) – The United Nations, Gro Harlem Brundtland

Agenda 21 (1992) – The United Nations

Lockstep (2010) – The Rockefeller Foundation

Agenda 2030 (2015) – The United Nations

4th Industrial Revolution (2016) – World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab

The Great Reset (2018) – WEF Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret

Event 201 (2019) – John Hopkins University, WEF, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

COVID 19 (2020) – UN and World Health Organization

On June 13, 2019, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations signed a “Strategic Partnership Framework” that would accelerate the “implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

“The UN-Forum Partnership was signed in a meeting held at United Nations headquarters between UN Secretary-General António Guterres and World Economic Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab.”

Why did the UN and WEF sign an Agenda 2030 accelerator agreement a season before the tabletop exercise of Event 201 modeled 65 million virtual people dying from a novel coronavirus outbreak in South America? Did the planners know they didn’t have a lethal gain-of-function virus to achieve that goal in 2020? Or were there delays and setbacks to other elements of the Plan?

The failure to kill tens of millions of people with a lethal virus curtailed their ability to scare the majority of the population to line up and get jabbed by the Covid bioweapon in 2021.

That has led to a pulling back of some mandates and restrictions. In the United States, a wall of vaccine resistance formed, leaving 150 million doses unused, further subverting the global elites’ timeline. More delays would weaken or stay the execution of the Plan.

Enter the Great Orchestration with the coup de grâce coming in late 2022.

[Credit: SunsOut Four Horses of The Apocalypse Jigsaw Puzzle]

Food: The Famine Horseman

It is well known that the global food industry has suffered a string of high-profile attacks, from arson and plane crashes to sabotage. They occurred with a growing frequency that makes the idea of “coincidence” an astronomical improbability. Add a 100-year drought to the Plains States and late sowing in the South with stunted crops, and the food crisis threat only grows in magnitude.

For the Cabal to achieve the worst-case scenario, it had to target and disrupt other interlocking sectors that serve food. They include trucking logistics, supply chains, inflation, production, processing, and distribution.

In a parallel string of other coincidences, no one in the West will step in to be a peacemaker in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which in turn disrupts 30 percent of the global wheat supply. Add Communist China locking down Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, and other manufacturing and port cities due to Covid, and container ships are now backed up to half a year.

What does that mean for the U.S. trucking industry when few goods need to be delivered from empty U.S. ports later this summer? Will truck drivers furlough for a couple of months until the container ships resume delivery from overseas?

Further exasperating the food to famine scenario is the next fault line of fertilizer supply needed to grow crops. As such, it’s another reason to end the war in Ukraine.

On China coming to the rescue, forget it. The CCP is far more likely to lockdown more cities, including Beijing, than resume manufacturing and shipping.

According to CNBC News, “Starbucks said 72% of the 225 Chinese cities it operates in experienced omicron outbreaks.”

Energy: The War Horseman

With Manchurian candidate Joe Biden, the global Shadow Government, which owns and runs political leaders, sighted energy in the crosshairs. In 2021, they shut down and disrupted pipelines through canceled permits and cyberattacks.

This year, the Biden regime’s attacks on the energy sector more voluminous and not as noticeable. The tools they use to weaken energy, include inflation and mismanagement of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve while blocking new exploration and imports due to Russian sanctions. This will grind down a once independent U.S. energy sector to dust. 

Money: The Death Horseman

Food and energy not counted in the consumer price index (CPI) is another way the federal government conceals inflation’s actual cost and pain. With the “Everything Bubble” growing bigger every day due to printing, derivatives contracts, and debt creation in the bond markets, it appears the “proverbial end game for central bank policy: The final speculative frenzy induced by Federal Reserve overreach.”

After the inevitable crash, a few questions remain: Who will pick up the pieces? Will it allow the United Nations and its partners in the IMF, World Bank, and WEF to come into the United States and seize assets, including homes, vehicles, and business inventories, from the bankrupt? Will it empower them to switch to a cashless society with a social credit system that makes people lifelong dependents for food and energy?

By year-end, we should have answers to these questions and others.

Envenomation: The Pestilence Horseman

With the vaccine-injured and deaths mounting, people worldwide realize that the Covid vaccine as a genocide bioweapon. Still most quiver, unable to see a way out of the freedoms and liberties they gave up in exchange for the safety they had entrusted in their governments to protect them from the pandemic.

That trust has been shattered.

With the pandemic phase over, the CDC, FDA, NIH, Big Pharma, and the Biden regime continue to push the global vaccine cull. They will not relinquish the powers that came from the Emergency Use Authorization triggering a slew of pandemic acts and treaties.

While the FDA approves the kidney-killing drug Remdesivir for babies and clot shots for children five years old and younger, the WHO pushes for a global pandemic treaty to circumvent all governments’ laws and constitutions while superseding previous treaties and agreements.

Is that a world we want? A near-future run by the sociopaths who have harnessed the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse and whipped them to ride down to earth and wreak havoc across the globe?

Giving the World Health Organization the control framework to run sovereign nations is the next step to one world governance.

At this late stage in their Plan, those who awakened prepare for the worst. They will not embrace New World Order.









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