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The Great Deception in The Veil of Truth

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April 15, 2022

James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

If you think the COVID-19 lies, censorship, and propaganda have been hard to navigate over the past twenty-eight months, imagine living a life in which everything you know has been a lie. A fat lie. And that lie stretches back generations and millennia—all the way back to the first sin in the Garden of Eden.

Realizing that we have been debt slaves to a Babylonian monetary system and deceived about various historical truths and timelines, that collective red pill we are about to swallow grows in size and magnitude. For the “normies” who suffer from the trance of the “mass formation psychosis,” their awakening from within will be earth-shattering.

[Credit: Collage created by James Grundvig]

Like the two Hollywood film archetypes of a journey and a stranger comes to town; there will be two outcomes to their shock: A psychic break and blistering anger. Many will have come to the end of their road in the former as they knew it and will check out. In the latter and much larger crowd, the masses will form in packs and hunt down the perpetrators, their families, and the institutions they worked at seeking vengeance. Without a “white hat” military intervention, the result will be fierce, ugly, and savage.

Before people come to the apocalyptic Great Reveal, the pulling off the veil, they need to arrive at a better place spiritually, be grounded and possess the mindset they will prevail over evil without committing evil themselves. And prior to that upwelling of truth, we must not fall prey to the Cabal’s manipulations and mechanisms. We must avoid the globalists’ traps to keep us enslaved, separated, and from waking up in unison.

How long can the Great Deception go on this year? In the view of white hat intel source Juan O Savin, he figures there will be another hard COVID lockdown deployed to try to steal the November 8 midterm elections. Last night, he stated as much and more in the “Unrestricted Truths” show.

The answer boils down to several months, but before the autumn.

New Great Deceptions

A trio of videos has cropped up on the social media platform Rumble. The videos’ producer warns terrifying events are coming to mankind near and far. The secretive group, the “Guardians of the Looking Glass,” declared in its possession the time-machine technology from the government’s black budget ‘Project Looking Glass.’

As the legend goes, the Looking Glass platform gives the operator the ability to see into the future, not by time dilation, but by a Nikola Tesla-type scaler technology that peers ahead by “accelerating the current time and at the potentialities its sees,” according to a May 2002 email with the subject: “Transience Theory & Project Looking Glass.”

The email, written by Robert Lucien Howe, a British futurist and technology researcher, explained further:

“The device’s heart is a machine called a ‘transiator’ or ‘time transiator.’ It does not work by looking into the future directly. The theory says that this is actually impossible because time is not a dimension (i.e., it is not like a spatial dimension)…”

The current videos the Guardians have produced use “The Matrix” movie brand with scrolling green font against a black matte background, narrated with a stiff male voice.

The Guardians’ first prediction was a hum dinger. The May 2022 assassination of a quantum computer scientist named Dr. Winston Wu. If he dies, then the Cabal dark hats would have the upper hand and control of the world by 2030. If he lives, the Looking Glass timeline would favor freedom for humanity in 2030.

Then on March 10, 2022, the Guardians posted another video titled, “Event 1, April 18, 2022, NYC False Flag Bombing.”

In the 15-minute screed, the Guardians breakdown three shocking but ridiculously illogical terrorist events that lead to nuclear war.

First, on Monday, April 18, unnamed terrorists detonate a van bomb in New York City, killing 2,000 people. That might have been newsworthy had it not been for a Times Square manhole cover blowing up this past Monday, chasing away a few hundred people. And that was followed the next day with the false flag shooting that killed no one in a Brooklyn subway station, which miraculously didn’t have functioning security cameras, according to the MTA president, who claimed the “internet connection” wasn’t working. Really?

As a result of these two back-to-back misfire events—the Brooklyn shooter was a lousy shot—no way will 2,000 people be congregating in New York City come Monday, April 18.

Looking Glass team missed the first two events, which ensures that Event 1 doesn’t take place. Strike one.

More Strikeout Predictions

The second prediction following the New York City false flag bombing will be an anthrax attack on Washington, DC, one week later. They predict this event will kill 25 million people with Russian military-grade “836 strain” anthrax. However, several problems undermine this prediction.

One, the Guardians of the Looking Glass are terrible at research and worse at math. There are only 5.4 million people who live in the DC metro area, one-fifth of the dead they claim. According to a military anthrax specialist I contacted, the Russian military would never name or number its anthrax strain, for fear of attribution.

Next, how would the anthrax be spread? To kill a large swath of people, anthrax would have to be deployed from a plane in the “no-fly zone” over the District of Columbia. If that took place, anthrax would hit the ground and do nothing, according to the bioagent specialist.

Even more embarrassing, the Guardians must have been too young to remember that the anthrax letter attacks in the wake of the 9/11 killed only five people and injured seventeen. By contrast, the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing killed 168 adults and children in one afternoon.

Strike two.

Even more incredible is their third prediction. Ensuing the anthrax attack, Russia, would be blamed for the first two events, and thus launch a nuclear attack that successfully blows up “18 of 20” U.S. cities, while President Biden will be hiding in Colorado.

This is a lark on so many levels.

First and foremost, it’s crystal clear to awake Americans that Joe Biden isn’t the commander-in-chief of his own sandbox, let alone the United States military. Second, the upper stratosphere of the military command structure is based in the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Command Center, a hardened facility in Colorado, which has been closed off to the Biden regime from day one. Third, it is preposterous to believe that the U.S. military command structure, consisting of Air Force long-range bombers, the Trident platform, and the Missile Command, would not hit first or counterstrike in a nuclear attack.

Strike three. The Guardians are out.

‘Looking Glass’ Deception

Don’t be fooled or led astray with this poor imitation of a CIA psyop to instill fear into people. The Guardians of the Looking Glass failed to predict yesterday’s sinking of the Russian naval ship, Moskva, which, if carrying nuclear weapons, also sank into the Black Sea, could lead to World War III.

Toward the end of President Trump’s first term, before the election coup, some patriots in the know discussed that the Looking Glass technology had come to a dead end in peering into the future searching for macro events. Its timeline couldn’t look beyond 2024. As a result, the Looking Glass technology had come to the end of its usefulness.

As the story goes, without the power of foresight, the Cabal split into two factions. One set to destroy the humanity of the non-Canaanite bloodline, while the other group sought to help the white hats defeat the evildoers and derail their Agenda 2030 plan, while save themselves.

From what we have seen, researched, and examined at AMP Media over the past two years, the tide has shifted, and with it, a new paradigm will rise from the ashes when the veil is pulled off. From that collective consciousness, singularity event the Great Reveal will shock awake all of humanity in one biblical moment. Time will standstill. And we will be filled with the light of truth.


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