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The Great Divorce: Society uprising against Tyranny | Shell Games Episode 30

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12 replies on “The Great Divorce: Society uprising against Tyranny | Shell Games Episode 30”

“This Is The Game”: The Rothschild’s own the Central Banks of: “The United States”: “China”: “Russia”: “Israel”: And all except four Countries: Which means: They Own: “All Countries: “Militaries”: “Politicians”: “Communications”: “Bio Weapons Labs”: Trump Turned America Into: “The North American Union”: They have: “The Soviet Union (Now Russia)”: “The European Union”: “The African Union”: “The Asian Union”: We are being taken to a: “One World Communist Government; Led By China; Controlled By The Rothschild’s United Nations”: “Trump Has Us Under United Nations Control; He Signed Us Under Their Control, In This Scamdemic (The Political Parties Are A Charade)”!!!

“Link Below”: Trump’s “USMCA” Ended America, As We Knew It; Fetzer, Bennett, Shill For Trump And Israel; They Won’t Tell You: “Our Borders Go From Canada To Guatemala”: Trump Established A: “Fascist, Corporate, Dictatorship”: “The Elections Are A Charade, Since We’re Now”: “The North American Union, Inc.”: Not: “The United States, Inc.”: “Look At The Map On Link, And The Link, In This Link”: Dave Hodges Outlined, Prior To The Time “The USMCA” Was Signed, The Dire Consequences: I detailed the history of trade agreements as a lead to help people understand what is coming with the USMCA. This is a combination of the TPP, the North American Union and NAFTA on steroids. The provision of this agreement will turn America into a corporate dictatorship.

38:30 Scott Is Ranting About: “Illegal Immigration”: “It’s Not Illegal; Trump’s ‘USMCA’ Opened Our Borders”: “Link Below (Look At The Map, It’s Consistent With Dave Hodges’s Map); “Fetzer And Bennett Have Doctorate Degrees”; “They Lie For Trump, The Republican Party/Israel”: USMCA resulted from renegotiations between the NAFTA member states beginning in 2017; characterized as “tumultuous”,[11] these centered primarily on “auto exports, steel and aluminum tariffs, and the dairy, egg, and poultry markets”.[12] All sides came to an informal agreement on September 30, 2018, which was formalized the following October 1.[13] U.S. President Donald Trump proposed USMCA during the 2018 G20 Summit, where it was signed by Trump, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A revised version reflecting additional consultations was signed December 10, 2019 and ratified by all three countries, with Canada being the last to ratify on March 13, 2020. Following notification by all three governments that the provisions were ready for domestic implementation, the agreement came into effect on July 1, 2020.[14][15][16][17][18]

If Biden steps down, or anything happens to him, Kamala Harris is not qualified to fill his shoes. Nazi Pelosi will be the first to contest Harris stepping into the Presidency. Guess who the next in line is, that quaifies? Yes, Nazi Pelosi. Our legislators are firing back on Pelosi now. Pray Biden stays safe, until they dethrone her.

Just a thought: Why would DeSantis, or ANY decent politician go to a foreign country right now? They know how the Deep State works, in drugging them, putting them in compromising positions, then blackmailing them. They know they use psychological “brainwashing” type methods. They know their personal security would be further jeopardized by leaving the country, so why risk it?

I can’t find any press on him going to Israel recently. Nothing on any of his media sites. He went in 2019. Where is a link of him going this week or last week? Nothing in the news.

God help us in this country. One of our major problems is the men have become women and the women have become men. Prime example here: We went to Sam’s the other day and parked our new truck far from everyone. We came out of the store and there was a crappy truck parked crooked and very close to our passenger side, so close I could not get in the door. Normally when around idiots we would just pull forward to get away. I had my arms full of stuff. I politely motioned to them that I couldn’t get in my truck and didn’t want to bang their truck. This 20 something guy, skinny and pale wearing baggy shorts and a tank top gets out of the truck and tells me he is not good at driving the truck. So, next a girl gets out of the truck and comes around and gets in the driver’s seat and pulls it forward and straightens it out. The skinny guy apparently had no skills or confidence to do this. Amazing. What is going to happen when all of the Boomers and older Gen Xers are gone? We at least know how to use firearms, and we know how to DRIVE. Where are all of the Alpha males? Does each state have like only 2 of them? If this guy was my son/brother/nephew I would want to kick his azz.

The link was on Rumble about a recent trip to Israel, and his sudden 180 degree turn regarding his stance on the vaccines. It has been taken down…. Glad it’s not true. Now, if he’ll just get the Capitol Hill Police out of here, it would be nice.

fun fact
The children’s bookstore
In my hood
Has a book. Dr fauci America’s doctor
Where I live they still love new administration. Go figure

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