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The Great Reset & The Deep State | MSOM Ep.284

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Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.





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12 replies on “The Great Reset & The Deep State | MSOM Ep.284”

I listened to the Hecker interview….I admire her for standing up to Fox! Lots going on, house of cards coming down!!! Pray, pray, pray, in Jesus’ mighty name!!! God Wins!!!

Dyer is an intelligent and well-informed man. In this short conversation he manages to convey at least some of the history of the evil we face, and also the world-wide scope of it. If these people are successful in achieving their aims, it is a terrifying prospect for the 99% of us who figure in their plan as merely surplus to requirements. I’m in the UK, and until the American Election was stolen, I did not have clue about how this world actually works, although I thought that I had. I’ve come a hell of a long way since last November, and it’s thanks to AMP and other back-channel sources that I now have a much clearer view, although it’s quite depressing to look around me and realise that I’m almost the only person I know who is anywhere close to being awake! Most of my friends think I’m way ahead of Joe Biden on the road to the funny farm. I may be 75, but I know I still have all of my marbles! I firmly believe that the Q plan exists, and is unfolding. I have never been a Christian, although I think I’m a good person, I could never believe in God, I simply cannot make the necessary leap of faith which is required to enable me to do that. However, I pray(which for me amounts to wishing with all my heart) that America is saved. I do believe that Nothing Can Stop What is Coming, please let it be so!

Just curious, when you look at the miracles just in the human body alone you can’t see evidence of a God? Pastor Jack Hibbs explained just last Sunday that the more you say things like that in your life, the harder it will become for you to see the truth. I would think to myself, “what if you are wrong?”
Your eyes were blind to the state of the world a few months ago, what if they are blind to God, too.? If you really go looking for Him, you will find Him. I urge you to check out Dr. Voddie Baucham’s videos ‘Why I choose to believe the Bible.

Clearly the Cabal has an evil agenda, Gates, Sores, Rothschilds and more, but as a Christian, I see the Darwinian natural process IS God’s process and has nothing to do with the Cabal. Darwin, as well as the word “evolution” attempt to define natural selection without being considered a cult or as Dyer’s interpretation, Luciferian. This simple minded “flat earth attitude” with continued use of the Bible as a literal definition of creation and much more misinterpretation, would be considered a stumbling block to mankind growing in knowledge and wisdom as the Spirit of God was sent to help us lead generations into true belief in the awesome power of God.

interesting conclusion about the Cabal actually driving people closer to faith and patriotism. It reminded me of C.S.Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, where Screwtape (aka Satan) continuously gives his nephew Wormwood advice about how to win the soul of a British man into hell, and not to allow the man to suffer so much he might call on Screwtape’s enemy (God) for comfort and dependence.

again, Biden is dead, has been dead, and putin knows WHO is in charge in the USA, and that’s TRUMP. So, AMP, have a clue. This is a MOVIE.

Let’s hope you are not wrong. You will all sound pretty stupid if you are. Let me guess, you listen to Patriot Street Fighter? Why be so rude? It could just as easily be a psy-op to keep all of us patriots busy hoping for something until its too late. Yup. I believe there is lots of evidence of the ‘Movie’ but it could be just that, a movie.
My mind is open to either scenario and I just keep praying that God will allow good to triumph, but we all know America is not mentioned in the Bible. So at some point we will fall.

the truth of slavery: JEWS ran the slave trade. LOOK IT UP. the slave markets were closed on SATURDAY, NOT SUNDAY. over 70% of slaves were owned by jews, while jews were a tiny minority in the USA. the 2nd largest group of slave owners was FREED black slaves.

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