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The Great Unravel of the Deep State

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August 30, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

As more Deep State narratives crumble, the more truth and light about their corruption will surface for people to see. Take the bottom falling out of the Covid experts the past month. How many will trust the Birx-Fauci-Walensky “science” they inverted one more time? And who will put their faith in the politically stained to lead us through the next false lockdown?

The answer: Fewer and fewer people will fall in line as the Covid carnival rumbles through town.

[Credit: Image montage created by James Grundvig]

The same ball of yarn being unspun by a frenzied white cat exposes more of the FBI and U.S. DOJ biases, corruption, and treasonous plans. Throw in Hunter Biden’s laptop with President Trump demanding either to be acknowledged the outright winner of the 2020 presidential election or to have a new election now. Thus, pursuant to Mark Zuckerberg’s admission of censorship, Trump based his demands on the falsehoods and obstruction of the law carried out by the FBI related to Hunter’s laptop and Facebook censoring it from public discourse.

What will the Deep State do for encore?

U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson are pressing for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to be grilled under oath while make Facebook turn over all communications with the FBI leading up to the 2020 election.

Maria Zack to Join Unrestricted Truths

At the July 4th weekend Nations In Action conference on truth in journalism and transparency in government, Maria Zack broke the story about the key FBI special agent Timothy Thibault, who was involved in the Hunter laptop cover-up and interference. Zack read Senator Grassley’s letter from June and dissected what it meant and who it referenced to. Today, Thibault resigned from the FBI.

Next Wednesday, September 7, 2022, Maria Zack will join AMP Media’s “Unrestricted Truths” show to break down all the details of the crime while give updates to this unfolding story.

As for President Trump, how would a new election work with Joe Biden? As I reported before, my sources combined with several public signals point to Joe Biden either being dead or incapacitated. If that’s the case, how would the Democrats pull off a “reelection” when Joe is literally out to lunch or six feet under?

They can’t. As such, the Deep State can only toss its rapid black cat into the ring to try to spool up the loose strings of yarn back into a ball. Good luck with that.

What’s at Stake?

As we enter the autumn season, three storm funnels threaten to touch down, exposing the architects of the false narratives and those behind the “Great Reset” agenda.

First, the Deep State, controlled by the 38 members of the global shadow government, which runs the “belligerent occupants” in Washington, D.C., will continue to push the politicians to fight back and cover up the crimes by any means necessary. Even that worn path will soon run the Deep State out of options. With fewer and fewer chess moves left to respond to the white hats, the masters pulling the puppet strings in governments and corporations around the world will once and for all be exposed as the men behind the curtain.

Boxed in with few arrows left in the quiver, the Deep State minions are stuck running low-grade false flags, which have failed to achieve their objective to disarm Americans. Sure, they can start geopolitical brush fires, such as luring two sides of a nation into civil war, like what started in Libya the past week. They can try to rekindle the fire of the 2010 Arab Spring by igniting new wars in the Middle East. They will also continue to prod and goad the ‘Russian Bear’ into a greater proxy war with the West.

But how will they derail Russia from hosting the military tribunals in Mariupol?

What scares the Deep State? Will it be that the people will learn the truth about the Ukrainian POWs being third and fourth-generation German Nazis? Or will it be that the other POWs captured were officers of Western allies whose testimony threatens to expose the plans to destroy Russia and ruin peace? Or will it be the intel of the U.S. DoD-NATO sponsorship of the Ukrainian bioweapons program that connects all to dozens of black site Biolabs in Ukraine operating since 1991?

What if it’s all of the above? Imagine that.

The Deep State ignition points to powder kegs can change narratives massively. No question about it. The hyped and hoaxed news can suck the oxygen out of news cycles and redirect people’s eyeballs to focus on non-critical matters. That tact and strategy, however, can only play out so much longer as the looming storm clouds with their three funnels threaten to land. Then the shadow government’s playbook with its rinse and repeat cycle will be scoffed at and ignored more and more by the masses as they awaken in the waves of truth washing over them.

[Credit: Image montage created by James Grundvig]

60-Day Matrix Report

Over the next sixty days, the old guard from the old world, propped up by the Babylonian fiat monetary system, will be unable to keep the masses locked in the “matrix” or payoff the Deep State minions, agents, agencies, corporations, and Big Gatekeepers in media, tech, and elsewhere anymore. Once that happens, it’s game over as the momentum of the collapse will turn into free-fall.

Note, the three storm funnels are a corrupt government, a poisonous vaccine program, and a bankrupt financial system. When those funnels merge into a superstorm it will break the “mass formation” psychosis as well as the fleeting grips of power by the oligarchs and their puppets.

The event will be biblical in scope and nature.

We at AMP Media will capture it all as James Grundvig will produce a master Excel spreadsheet that tracks, connects, and updates the major plot points from September 1 through October 29, 2022.

We will publish a summary of the 60-Day (60D) Matrix report every Monday, with the first report to be published on AMP News on the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 6, 2022.

AMP News will continue to keep you uniquely informed.

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