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The Kansas Cattle Cull: Foul Play?

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June 16, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

Thirty months into the COVID-19 take over of America, there is no story too fringe, extreme, or coincidental. Nothing can be discounted. Take the viral video out of Ulysses, Kansas—where else!—showing hundreds of bloated cattle lying stiff upside-down. The claim according to the Progressive Farmer: “Heat stress killed an estimated 10,000 head of Kansas feedlot cattle.”

[Credit: ABBY DREY [email protected]]

Yes, the Southwest and the Plains States have endured a record drought with a heat dome that sank over the region this past week.

The article reported:

“What is known is that leading up to these heartbreaking losses, temperatures in the area were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, there was the humidity, and there was little to no wind to help cool the animals. Temperature readings reported for Ulysses began to exceed the 100-degree mark on June 11.

By June 13, the high temperature was reported at 104 degrees, with humidity levels ranging from 18% to 35%. Temperature and humidity levels began to break some on June 14. Just a few days before the heat setting in, highs had been in the 80s.”

The article noted that the futures market trended downward as a result. And then, it noted that “nighttime cooling is key” to prevent such losses.

It also continued with “heat prevention” tips and then concluded:

“‘The most expensive animals we have on an operation are the ones that have been there the longest,'” he said. “‘We’ve provided them the most feed, yardage, health care, and medications. We’ve invested the most in them. So, when you lose animals like that, it is quite costly to the operation.'”

What If The Cattle Died From Other Causes

Lacking no conspiracy theory too small, several online people raised questions about how the 10,000 cattle died. Why not? With more than 95 food plants, farms, and processing factories being set on fire by a network of arsonists and attacked remotely by cyber intrusions and takeover of “smart” systems, HVAC equipment, censors, air temperature control, and more.

A year ago, some investigators, with deep intel sources and via “intercepts,” heard that the deep state planned to deploy its operatives to poison American cattle. If true and it comes to bear, that would represent another spoke in the Agenda 2030 cull—the attack on meat under the false premise of climate change.

“No Foul Play”

A pair of Midwest ranchers I contacted via email this morning replied that they saw nothing mysterious about the incident in Kansas. When posed two questions about the possibility of poisoning, the Iowa rancher stated that there was “no foul play.” But, he added, “It is not common, but it does happen when conditions are wrong.”

While the Texas rancher elaborated on the same sentiment, writing:

“This was a special situation. Cool last week, then big rain followed by 104F degrees with 90 percent humidity. NO shade. Little water. All black Angus. PERFECT STORM.”

[emphasis his.]

The Texas rancher took it a step further and showed the 10-day forecast in the Midwest to hover at 102 – 104 degrees.

Although the attacks on the food supply in the United States and abroad are unprecedented, the deaths of 10,000 top beef cattle in Kansas isn’t one of those cases.

Still, in these dark, inverted times, we must remain vigilant to the path of destruction that Joe Biden and the deep state are laying out for mankind.

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