The Looming ‘Russian Missile Crisis’

October 5, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

On Monday, October 3, 2022, I flew into Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, North Carolina, for a connecting flight to Florida. At 1630 hours, I peered out the window and saw four U.S. Air Force military transport planes parked on a tarmac across from the airport’s main terminals. Having flown that route back in July and not seeing the cargo planes then, the timing was inauspicious one week after the Nord Stream pipeline attack.

[Credit: Photo by James Grundvig landing at Charlotte Airport 10-3-2022]

Why were U.S. military transport aircraft parked at a civilian commercial airport? Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base sit 130 miles east of Charlotte. Although the U.S. Air Force Reserve Recruitment Center is based in Goldsboro, near the airport, its air base at the Air National Guard is located northeast of the city.

Intrigued, I exited the plane at Terminal A and walked through the airport to Terminal E, where I saw the aircraft from a different vantage point and captured a photo.

[Credit: Photo by James Grundvig at Terminal E, Charlotte Airport 10-3-2022]

Then on the connecting flight, taxing slowly down the runway, waiting for our turn to take off, I glimpsed a C-5 Galaxy transport plane parked further west from the other four aircraft. Finally, when the plane lifted off, I saw that C-5 Galaxy wasn’t alone. Sitting next to the jumbo cargo carrier, appeared to be an AWACS radar plane and a lone F-16 fighter jet.

[Credit: Photos by James Grundvig taking off from Charlotte Airport 10-3-2022]

What I saw that afternoon went beyond a response to hurricane relief operation—in that case, Hurricane Ian which had decimated southwest Florida the week before.

So, I texted the photos to my “Defcon 5” co-host Josh Reid, a former U.S. Navy serviceman and weapons expert, and to my go-to military intel source Juan O Savin (nom de plume), author of the forthcoming book “The Storm.”

Intel Sources Respond

On the first photograph, I texted Savin: “Feels like something is going on?” That question concerned his long-held belief that we are entering the 2022 version of the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis,’ nuclear war between Russia and the West’s Deep State actors.

His reply: “It is!”

From Terminal E, I sent Juan O Savin the second photograph confirming what I saw wasn’t a mirage. Then I sent a link to a New York Post article that just popped: “Putin Deploys World’s Largest Submarine with ‘Apocalypse’ Drone Capabilities.”

In response to the article—with permission to publish—Savin wrote:

“Very real! It’s the underwater nuclear equivalent of a shaped charge. Air is a poor medium of energy transfer. Water being denser is far more destructive and lethal.”

Josh Reid texted:

“Charlotte is a hub for the Air National Guard. But many C-17 Globemasters are reminiscent of massive equipment or troop movements. Most likely, supply and equipment. Big possibility.”

The “big possibility” referenced the buildup to Juan O Savin’s thesis that the world is now going to face our generation’s nuclear showdown—a drive toward Defcon 1.

Defcon 1 status:

  • Cocked Pistol
  • War is imminent.
  • Maximum readiness. Immediate response.

How Did We Get Here?

My thesis—and I am not alone—distills a historical arc that World War II only ended its kinetic war in 1945. What emerged afterward, hidden from public view, was the rise of the 4th Reich. The brutality and destructiveness of the war forced the globalists to change their tactics on how to cull the “children of God” by taking World War III underground.

By August 1945, there had been too much bloodshed. Too much destruction with tens of millions of lives lost. Add the horrors of the Nazis’ concentration camps and the revelation of Japan’s bioweapons experiments on humans and it produced a hard, but subtle pivot as the only path forward. That turn allowed the 4th Reich masters to deploy “silent weapons” against the world’s people, gain control of the global monetary system, and provide the long runway to develop the technologies to build the bio-synthetic bridge to transhumanism.

77 years later we have arrived at the point of no return.

On a recent “Unrestricted Truths” show (Episode 192), Dr. Carrie Madej stated as much, taking the details a step further. She informed the audience that Germany never signed any declaration or agreement that the war ended or that it as a nation had surrendered.

What that means is the war on humanity vis-à-vis the 2020 pandemic, the lockdowns, and the Covid bioweapons were tributaries flowing out of the Cabal’s master plan: Seize the world while culling the masses by the billions. It also explains why the overt attacks and arson fires on the food processing plants, fertilizer factories, and weather warfare on farmland with drought and rain redistribution in 2022 felt like an accelerated process and timeline.

That’s because the pandemic virus of 2020 failed to kill 65 million people as promised.

Remember Event 201? It simulated a coronavirus outbreak from South America. The computer modeling predicted 65 million people would die within six months of the outbreak. Well, what happened to that dark scenario? Worldwide, there were no “excess deaths” to speak of in 2020.

Event 201 was the brainchild of Bill Gates, the Klaus Schwab-led World Economic Forum, and the Mike Bloomberg-sponsored John Hopkins University project. The pandemic simulation took place on October 18, 2019, with a mock-up drill held three weeks later at the United Nations on November 6, which included senior staff from the CDC and the U.S. DoD, among other U.S. government health agencies and institutions.

We are at war.

Yet, most of the masses are still not aware of that cold truth–despite the latest phase of the war revealing the U.S.-sponsored Deep State sabotaged the Nord Stream subsea pipelines last week. Now what to make of Putin’s chess moves against Ukraine’s push toward Russia’s new won territories? Last Friday, the Russian president signed into law via the referendums of four new states that became part of the Russian Federation.

On September 30: “Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared the “independence” of the Ukrainian regions Zaporizhia and Kherson as Moscow prepares to formally proclaim the annexation of Ukrainian territory in a major escalation of its seven-month invasion,” according to Al Jazeera.

The ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ of 2022

Sixty years ago in October, the Cuban Missile Crisis lasted 13 days—gotta love that numerology.

The U.S. Department of State recalls the event:

“The Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 was a direct and dangerous confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War and was the moment when the two superpowers came closest to nuclear conflict. The crisis was unique in a number of ways, featuring calculations and miscalculations as well as direct and secret communications and miscommunications between the two sides. The dramatic crisis was also characterized by the fact that it was primarily played out at the White House and the Kremlin level with relatively little input from the respective bureaucracies typically involved in the foreign policy process.” [Emphasis ours]

This time around, the latter will not play out in the White House or the Kremlin, but on the world stage across Europe, Russia, Asia, and North America. That is one major difference between the missile crises then and now.

The global herd is about to be shocked awake by an event that will be magnitudes larger than 9/11 and with far more at stake.

Frequent AMP Media guest, Juan O Savin, has predicted for years not only would the West enter into a new “Russia Cold War 2.0” (February 28, 2022, and January 31, 2021), but that the world would also arrive at this juncture in history for a repeat with the impending ‘Russian Missile Crisis.’

[Credit: Juan O Savin book cover, “The Storm”]

‘The Storm’ Has Landed

When things go nuclear, a kinetic war with widespread destruction and loss of innocent lives across many nations is a distinct possibility. Just because the original Cuban Missile Crisis ended without conflict, after a tense thirteen-day standoff, doesn’t guarantee that a new showdown with a desperate, trapped beast in the Deep State will end peacefully.

So, get ready for the ‘wargasm.’

Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon label Zelensky and his Ukrainian Army of 4th Reich Nazis a “terrorist state.” And when that happens, it will provide the impetus for Russia to change its war strategy in a bold new direction and dimension.

From that point forward, expect a deployment orgy of tactical nukes. Defcon 1 is a sure bet.

Will big nuclear weapons be used, as the United States did twice to end the war with Japan in 1945?

We are about to find out what it means as that moment of truth looms just over the horizon.


Tomorrow: Part II on the Nord Stream Pipeline Trigger

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