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The Magnetic Delivery System Of Nanoparticles | HLIR Ep.3

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6/15/2021 | 4:30 PM | Hard Line Investigative Report




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7 replies on “The Magnetic Delivery System Of Nanoparticles | HLIR Ep.3”

Dear AMP, thank you for bringing this most crucial subject and important guest! Can someone please tell US, when is this nightmare going to end? We hear about the dangerous implications and lethal outcomes of the so called “vaccines”,! These atrocities of conducting experiments on humans must END SOON! The only solution to all these experimental genocide on humanity, is to be suing Big Pharma and lock those criminals! ! We, the digital and Patriot soldiers, are anxiously anticipating the end of DEMRATS and the reviving of humanity! President DJ Trump and the US Army SOON, shall “Release the Kraken”, and bring law and justice back! Thank you!

My Mom received her shots and is now showing signs of Dementia. She’s always been sharp. She was still working as a Real Estate Agent at the age of 81. Now she can’t always remember that she and my dad were divorced over 45 years ago. Wow now I’m really wondering. Glad I didn’t get the shots and I have health issues.

Thanks James, wonderful guest & show. One of my concerns with this CRISPR-9 gene editing, is “overlaping genes”, if somebody tries to edit one gene, and the section edited is also part of another gene….that could present MAJOR issues for the person receiving this gene editing therapy. SCIENCE NEEDS TO STOP PLAYING GOD. God have MERCY on us all.

I am glad you are trying to bring news to the people, but I have to say, that the vid on the meat/ magnet and discussion, or lack thereof, of possible scientific reasons was a complete disservice to the people. The sticking could be and probably is due to surface tension. Throw a slab of meat against a wall and it will stick…or a wad of wet toilet paper to the wall and it will stick. Surface tension. Look it up if you do not understand the concept. That being said, I believe that the vaccine/magnet issue is probably real, based on magnets in vids that JUMP to the skin and others that try to flip their polarity to attach…also scientific reports, literature, studies that our scientific community has already published using magnetism in drug and mRNA delivery into the body. Please see reports on this science, (magnetofection). I believe the horrific psychopaths in power have used this on us without our consent and the implications are far reaching as may pertain to tracking and control of our bodily autonomy, actions, thoughts etc. The science is there or nearly there…but I believe we are probably there. And, if we are not completely there yet…this is just one more part of the scaffolding to “set the stage,” to control the populations. You don’t build a building (ahem! tracking and control device) before laying down the foundation. Think 5G, magnetofection, Darpa Hydrogel, Quantum Dot, Graphene and Graphene tubules to name a few. They’re all connected. Then study World Economic Forum and all their crony, mirror groups, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and more. They’re all connected. I hope you will consider treating your audience with more respect and a goal to disseminate valuable, scientific, data driven info, in order to not give our side a bad rap. Sensationalism without proof, data or scientific debate just makes us look foolish. Please consider the way you are reporting things. I could not watch past the first few minutes.

The magnetism in meat is REAL. Check for yourself, I did and it’s ALL MEATS! I think “they” spiked the animal feed.
These “vaccine” manufacturers and promoters should be tried for their crimes, before we’re all dead…Big Tech & Main Stream Media are EQUALLY GUILTY! They kept valuable, life saving information from us! Americas Frontline Doctors went to the White House and delivered their warnings, only to be erased by big tech! According to Pfizer’s protocol, THEY WARN OF TRANSFERENCE FROM SKIN CONTACT WITH THE VACCINATED AS WELL AS INHALATION AND OTHER TYPES OF  PASSIVE TRANSFERENCE.
Some say, “Crimes Against Humanity”… I say PREMEDITATED MURDER!!! My daughter and I decided NOT to participate in the vaccine trials. Now because of the “Mad Scientists” human experiment, and the idiots who signed the consent form…I’m withering away and get to watch my daughter die

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