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The ‘Path to Truth’ Conference Amped Up!

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June 20, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

In less than two weeks, American Media Periscope (AMP), in collaboration with Make Americans Free Again (MAFA), pulled off a stunning, informative, and well-received conference in Winthrop Village, the town of Riverview, which lies east of Tampa, Florida.

[Credit: Johanna Maaghul]

With a trio of expert speakers holding airline tickets to fly to Tampa on the weekend of June 17-19, AMP Media jumped into action to find and secure a venue and sponsor the conference. Next, we got the word out, made a promo clip on the four speakers, and put our production team at the venue to Livestream the webcast. After nearly six hours of presentations with two Q&A sessions, the event sailed off without a hitch and was a resounding success.

How else can one describe what took place two weeks earlier?

On Monday, June 6, I spoke with Dr. Judy Mikovits about their “Crimes Against Humanity” tour coming to Tampa on Sunday, June 19. Judy said that she, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, and Technocracy expert Patrick Wood all walked off the tour. They felt compelled to do so as they believed the tour had become compromised.

However, in deciding to part ways from the tour, they knew their mission remained unchanged: To get the word out on the truth about the globalists’ plan to “reset” the world via a warped healthcare agenda.

In agreeing, I said, “Judy, since you have the tickets to come to Tampa, we will make a new conference for you, Reiner, and Patrick to speak at on Saturday the 18th.” I added, “I can also bring you into AMP Media’s studio on Friday, June 17, to record additional interviews as fireside chats with each speaker.”

With a thumb’s up from Judy, I sprang into action calling Kevin Jenkins, AMP contributo and show host. In turn, Kevin called Yvette Gaugh, the Florida Lead for MAFA. I then spoke with the founder and CEO of AMP Media, John Michael Chambers, and off to the races we went to pull the conference rabbit out of the hat.

With Yvette securing the venue, called the “Barn” in Winthrop, through her relationship with the owners John and Kay Sullivan, AMP Media pledged financial, production, and emcee support with me as the conference host. We also booked the studio for Friday, while the Sullivans hosted a VIP dinner later that night.

To help pitch in, Dr. Judy Mikovits’ literary agent, Johanna Maaghul, coordinated the speakers’ schedules and added ex-Pfizer vice president and whistleblower, Dr. Michael Yeadon, as the fourth speaker, who was beamed in via a Zoom call.

The team effort managed to sell out the VIP dinner tickets and pack a whole house at the Barn on Saturday. All of those elements came seamlessly together in less than ten days.

It felt like a record. At least it during the COVID-19 era. But that is what freedom fighters and patriots do when we recognize the gravity of our rapidly declining nation and the importance of stoking fires in Americans to activate them.

[Patrick Wood, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (L-R), Credit: James Grundvig.]

Planting the ‘Seeds of Truth’

I opened the conference with a 15-minute segment. Sitting rather than standing at the podium allowed me to connect with the audience on a personal, eye-to-eye level. Why was that important? Because what I ended up telling the crowded house was four life-defining moments, all spiritual in nature, that I had journeyed through over the course of my life. I did that to alert the audience that what will be barreling down the road this autumn will be something not seen in human history—a tsunami of truth.

I told them that the Five Stages of Grief—Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance—is an old model that won’t apply when the ‘Great Unveiling’ occurs this fall. That is when the collective consciousness of humankind awakens in which all truths are made manifest in daylight.

That will apply mostly to those who have been “asleep” during the Covid séance and psyop. It will apply to those who have been driven by fear of the virus and lockdowns. It will apply to those who have been double dosed and boosted to the point that their immune systems will wreak havoc on their bodies in the coming months.

What is coming are four stages of spiritual truth. As I recounted my life story—the first time I ever shared it publicly—I told them that “there is no greater force in human nature than truth” and that the next step is the opening and crossing over a spiritual threshold for which there is no turning back.

And that a “sign” from God, whether a “couple of words… a cloud formation… even a scene from a movie,” will activate them with a spiritual truth and push them into action to help take back our freedoms from the criminal players of the world. The fourth stage comes when the vaccinated realize that they have been poisoned. At that time, most will push the health challenge aside—however temporarily.

Once activated with the tsunami of truth and spiritual awakening within, there will be no stopping the hundreds of millions of people from putting an end to the crimes against humanity. The genocide plan of the transhumanist architects and scientists comes from the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the U.S. and U.K. health agencies, networks of NGOs and nonprofits, as well as infiltrated government bodies and political parties around the world.

The cabal will collapse under its evil, corrupt weight.

[James Grundvig, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Patrick Wood (L-R), Credit James Grundvig.]

As I reminded the audience, what occurred to me with four life-defining moments will happen to the masses this fall. It won’t take over twenty years, however, as it did with me. They won’t have the time to think or reflect, or have the luxury to look up in hindsight.

No. For them, it will happen in less than one month. Some in weeks. Others in a matter of days. Still others in hours. Whatever the time frame, once the switch has been trigged in their souls and minds, there will be no turning back.

The ‘Great Unveiling’ Will Arrive This Fall

A woman who attended the conference asked me why I believed the Great Awakening would take place this autumn. I answered her about the timing. Since the conference, I expanded on my answer I gave her.

From biblical scholars and End Times prophecy experts, we don’t know the day, the hour, or time of the event, as stated in the Book of Revelation. But we do know the season: Autumn. This crazy, upside-down year of 2022 with fake wars, the endemic being long over, and the Belligerent Occupiers of Washington, DC, going scorched earth on the American people and the U.S. economy make up another tell that something is afoot that will help break the “mass formation psychosis.”

The final icebreaking piece, in my view, that will shatter the illusion of mass hypnosis will be the second dark winter of what Dr. Judy Mikovits now calls “Vaccine AIDS.” When the die-off occurs in October-November, as has long been predicted it’s game over for Big Pharma. This event is occurring now on the other side of the planet in in Australia’s second winter. There, the jabbed deaths are exploding, while the mainstream media tries to quell fears that the deaths that are piling up are the result of a new virus outbreak or due to a “brutal cold and flu” season.

Wouldn’t that be the top of absurdity? What total nonsense.

When the CDC and other international health agencies factiously claimed that the “flu season” took a hiatus in 2020 and 2021, but never in its previous one hundred years, then there’s a great chance that those who fell prey to the lies of propaganda will be shocked awake to what has happened to them, their friends, and their families, and those they know who died.

Stay tuned to the AMP Media ‘Path to Truth’ webpage. There you can see the conference videos, review the speakers’ presentations, and read about what you can do to make a difference in waking up the slumbering “normies.”


Forward Patriots.  ~ James Grundvig, Editor-in-Chief at AMP News.

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