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“The People” Need To Stand Up Against Tyranny

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“The People” need to stand up to this medical tyranny. And that’s exactly what they’re doing in Oklahoma and Germany.

Oklahoma proposes banning mask and vaccine mandates in schools

German Judge Targeted for Ruling in Favor of Banning Masks for Children

In Germany, “the judge agreed with the experts’ assessment that masks were not useful for viral protection, that PCR tests could not detect a disease-causing infection with necessary certainty, and that asymptomatic transmission played no detectable role epidemiologically with respect to coronavirus.

Following the decision, Judge Dettmar had his house, office, and car searched by police, and mobile phone confiscated!”

“The People” are not just using the legislative route. They suing employers who are tramping on their rights.

117 Medical employees sue employer for forcing experimental vaccination

The Republican party has to lead against this Tyranny. They cannot sweep the past under the rug. They must fight and gain back all the ground the “Right” has lost.

Jenna Ellis’ response to Sidney Powell’s legal opinion that Trump “can be reinstated” exemplifies the GOP weakness that causes the “Right” to lose time and again.

Click here to see Jenna’s Tweet

Lin Wood Responds to Ellis:

Praying Medic on the Topic Of Overturning 2020 election:

As the General of the America First Movement, the leader of the Republican Party, and the President who was lawfully elected in 2020, Donald Trump does not consent to weakness or surrender.

He strengthens our resolve and promises us victory. Not 3 years from now…but right now…in the face of tyranny. But he can’t do it alone.

He needs all of us to stand up for the American ideals of justice and liberty that our veterans fought to preserve.

And it takes all of us at every level of society from parents standing up for their children’s rights, to employees facing unjust employers. We win this fight and we save this nation, by getting up off our knees and standing tall in the face of injustice.

We face the specter of fascism and communism again just like we did in WW2 and the Cold War. But this time the enemy is using unconventional warfare.

We will we will win again. Just like we beat the Nazis and the Soviets and their tyrannical philosophies.

With people like you who are digital soldiers and citizen journalists like me, we are using the sword of truth to vanquish darkness and deception.

This is what we call The Great Awakening. It starts as a trickle like what we’re seeing with the forensic audits and the reversal on the origins of COVID19.

But it ends as a flood of truth and disclosure that wakes up the masses and forces our society to demand a new system of transparency and accountability.

This is an excerpt of Sean Morgan’s monologue from Episode 274 of Making Sense Of The Madness. Get more articles from Sean Morgan at

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