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America's Patriot Only Network

The Pete Santilli Show Ep 2479

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6/7/2021 | 9:00 AM | The Pete Santilli Show Ep 2479




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One reply on “The Pete Santilli Show Ep 2479”

Hi Pete, Thank you so much for what you are doing! I will continue to be in prayer for Alicia. And I so want ‘someone’ – or rather ‘all of them’ to pay! But that’s in God’s hands. I wanted to let you know about two things. 1) I’m 68, had Covid last year; my doc this year tries to bully me into taking the ‘jab’; I told him ‘no’ and he says ‘it’s a no-brainer’ and that ‘nobody’s died from it’. My confidence level in his competency as a doctor plummeted right then as well as my level of respect. And 2). I agree with what you’re saying about FB, and I had planned to get off; but God stopped me. I am in His Word daily and pray every day, so when He stops me, or nudges me, I’ve learned to ‘wait.’ So, because my posts are generally scripture or sharing Jesus in someway, as well as my comments sharing Jesus with some terribly nasty people, He has told me to stay for the platform. And since I haven’t been blocked or put in FB jail or had anything except info about the dangers of the ‘jab’ blocked, I’m wondering if ‘someone’, a FB checker perhaps, is reading what I’m writing. My brother and sister-in-law got off and won’t use it at all; which is fine. I did shut down Twitter and Instagram when they shut out my president. I also refuse to use Google and I won’t order from Amazon or Kohls (My Pillow); and we definitely won’t support StarBucks. They don’t want my money and that’s fine with me.
Anyway, I just wanted to share and to thank you so much! I am loving your show and your heart! We do, however, still have to ‘love’ and pray for our enemies, too. So, I figure if I pray for salvation for Biden etc that is the best ‘form of love’ you can pray for anyone. So, that’s what I do even when my heart’s not really in it. God then works on my heart. Bless you Pete – exceedingly abundantly!

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