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‘The Storm’ Hammers the ‘Old Guard’

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July 11, 2022,

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

Last week, the geopolitical storm touched down, wreaking havoc across the ancient “beast” system. First, hundreds of thousands of financially ruined, hungry people in Sri Lanka stormed the presidential palace forcing the president and his cabinet to resign.

Next, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned, facing withering criticism and zero support from his party. Third, Dutch farmers led nationwide protests using tractors to gridlock highway borders with Germany. In the latter, the Dutch people are fighting globalist overreach by the EU implementing restrictions on farming to reduce carbon footprint.

Never mind that there is a proxy war in Ukraine, supply chain disruptions, and an impending food crisis worldwide.

[Credit: Image montage created by James Grundvig]

Not to be outdone, in the United States, the “white hats” toppled the Georgia Guidestones in a countermeasure directed at the cabal elitists.

Over the weekend, the ferocity of the geopolitical hurricane jumped from a CAT 1 tropical storm to a CAT 2. While more protests emerged in Albania, Poland, Italy, and Greece to oust corrupt and incompetent governments in those and other nations, explosions unleashed fireballs and black smoke in Rome—the tenth time in weeks—and the port of Amsterdam. While those events unfolded, last night, an apparent arson attack struck Bill Gates’ bio-synthetic fake meat plant in the Netherlands.

Fall of the Deep State

What are these attacks about? Is the white hats military alliance carrying out operations against Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) targets? If so, are there more to come?

What turned out to be a covert war in early 2020, with the release of the SARS-CoV-2 lab-made virus by the “invisible enemy”—aka communism—appears to have moved out of the covert phase to a kinetic phase in the spiritual war.

What are some future targets? Look no further than the other heads of governments that form the G7 global elites alliance.

Over the weekend, a whistleblower leaked an NDA agreement between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a young girl, who was not seventeen years old but much younger. Trudeau signed and paid for a $2.25 million hush agreement to keep his pedophilia proclivities and predatory behavior under wraps. That failed attempt is akin to Pfizer trying to lock up its COVID-19 clinical trial data in a 75-year time capsule. Court order struck down Pfizer’s Hail Mary plan. Trudeau’s hush agreement was executed in 2019.

Then, 4Chan boards claimed to release new photos and video footage from Hunter Biden’s cellphone. By cracking his password, it appears the hacker gained access to Hunter’s iCloud account and 450 GB trove of sordid details, emails, photos, and videos doing drugs and young girls, among other illegal activities. This news came on top of the revelation that Joe Biden was involved in a spying scheme with Communist China after he had just sold millions of barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Oil Reserve to China and Europe.

In Germany and other European countries, fear spikes as Gazprom begins its work through annual 10-day maintenance shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, the largest undersea gas pipeline in the world. The problem is not with routine maintenance but whether Putin is in charge of the flow valves when the pipeline is turned back on and ready for use. Will Putin possess the power to reduce or even cut off the gas flow to Europe?

That is a major concern in the geopolitical chess match and crisis brewing between Russia and the Western governments.

In the article, “Europe frets over reduced Russia gas supplies”:

“Germany imports 35 percent of its gas from Russia compared with 55 percent before the Ukraine conflict started.

“The website of Nord Stream indicates that gas arriving in the German town of Lubmin continues to be sent on to Belgium, Denmark and France as well as Britain and the Netherlands.

“German industry is very vulnerable to shortages and chemical trade group VCI says it is preparing “for the worst” with authorities discussing the possibility of having to ration supply.”

While back in Holland, don’t expect the Dutch government to resolve the nitrogen issue with the farmers.


“Prime Minister Mark Rutte, a fake conservative, doesn’t seem to be impressed by the protests. He has offered that a friend of his mediate between the Government and the farmers. But Rutte has said that the plan to expel farmers will not be negotiable, so negotiations are meaningless. The mediator is also a driving force behind the climate hysteria in Holland.”

These problems combined with the massive overhang of a global financial collapse will descend on America later this summer. Just remember, in 2008, there were no supply chain disruptions, serial destruction of food plants, COVID-19 lockdowns, mandates, or the looming threat of millions of Covid jabbed people dying this fall when their broken immune systems fail to ward off the next flu season or wild coronavirus.

The Storm landed and will plow through failing governments and institutions built on fraud and corruption.

The peoples’ eyes are opening wide.

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