The Sword of Truth Held Firmly by Dr. Rashid Buttar

May 23, 2023

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

I was introduced to Dr. Rashid A. Buttar all the way back in 2005 with the publication of author David Kirby’s seminal book, “Evidence of Harm.” As a newbie father of a vaccine-injured autistic son, I wanted to learn about new treatments on the market that would help detoxify him of heavy metals poisoning, as a result of thimerosal (mercury) preservatives and aluminum adjuvants in most childhood vaccines. Unlike, Dr. Buttar’s vaccine-injured son, my 5-year-old at the time didn’t suffer from “leaky gut” issues. That was one of many health issues that Dr. Buttar’s son had, which forced the late great doctor to develop an alternate treatment to chelation pills because most kids on the spectrum with intestinal issues couldn’t handle the industrial medication, which came out of Germany.


Dr. Rashid Buttar exposes the Covid-19 depopulation agenda in Canada in 2021″

So the genius of Dr. Rashid Buttar drove him to create a less invasive form of chelation in a transdermal cream. That story was captured brilliantly by David Kirby at the end of his book (pages 412 & 413). I took screenshots of those pages and posted them at the bottom of this article.

Although I never used Dr. Buttar’s chelation formulation on my son, his name stayed with me for years. Over the past decade, Rashid Buttar became close friends with many of the scientists and doctors in the medical freedom movement, including Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Lee Merritt, and many others, including Dr. Bryan Ardis and Robert Scott Bell.

[Credit: print screen]

COVID-19 & Dr. Rashid Buttar

When COVID-19 pandemic pantomime came on the scene in early 2020, Dr. Buttar smelled the fraudemic right away. He knew who was behind the scam and that the Covid bioweapons–mislabeled vaccines–were developed with one purpose, and one purpose only: Global depopulation. He made no bones about it. As a U.S. Army veteran, Rashid Buttar went for the jugular in all of his interviews the past three years, mincing no words, and being direct, informative, and truthful.

Dr. Buttar scared the daylights out of Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and bad Big Pharma. So much so, that some or all of the above financed directly, or indirectly, the 2021 “Disinformation Dozen” character assassination report published by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) out of bloody England, no less. CCDH wrote the smear report in concert with a phantom U.S. non-profit “Anti-Vax Watch.”

[Credit: CCDH, marked up by James Grundvig]

CCDH “Disinformation Dozen” report is found here.

The “Disinformation Dozen” Report

The problem with pharma-backed, hyper-politicized attack reports, like the “Disinformation Dozen” as it laser paints a target on those who are called out. At a bare minimum, it serves golf balls for mainstream media jackals to tee off and write further hit pieces to discredit the targets, like here and here.

Since the CCDH’s report was released, we have come to learn in 2023 about the U.S. and Western governments’ weaponization of Big Tech censorship and collusion with Big Media lies, propaganda, and gaslighting campaigns. But like most character attacks, it can lead to some danger for the chosen targets.

Many, including myself, believe Dr. Rashid Buttar, especially him, was poisoned with venom peptides in his lab last fall.

To that end, Dr. Tau Braun, a frequent guest on “Unrestricted Truths” had some harsh words for this type of dangerous practice by the media and NGOs. [Emphasis ours.]

“Dr. Rashid Buttar had stated publicly that he believed he had been poisoned with venom – he was in ICU months ago and he reported that his bloodwork showed multiple venom sequences were present. He was put on a highly publized list by The Center for Countering Digital Hate called the “Disinformation Dozen.” RFK Jr is also on that list.

@Rfk4POTUS If I found a list like this as part of a school/ workplace violence assessment – I would call it a hit list. Can we expect any additional assassinations or was this a case of exposure to Venomous Spike Proteins through shedding, as he was unvaccinated? From the NPR article “Both members of Congress and state attorneys general have urged Facebook and Twitter to ban the “Disinformation Dozen.” – maybe politicians should use caution when targeting citizens.”

[Credit: screen grab of Laura-Lynn’s interview with Dr. Buttar found here.]

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny weighed in as well. [Emphasis ours.]

“I am deeply saddened by the death of my dear friend and colleague Dr. Rashid Buttar – a true warrior and trail blazer in the health freedom movement. Rashid has left us far to soon. Rashid and I both spoke at Standard Enzyme Conference in Nov 2019. We have been friends since 2004.

“We fought the autism & vaccine wars together, & more recently, stood shoulder-to-shoulder as part of The Disinfo Dozen over the last three years of the Covid disaster. Rashid, you dedicated your life to being a strong & powerful voice for health freedom. You saved & transformed so many lives. You will be very missed by your many close friends, and colleagues, and by your millions of patients and supporters.

“RIP, my dear friend. Love, Sherri.”

[Credit: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny]

Dr. Rashid Buttar was also a fixture, a wonderful speaker of the truth, exposing the Covid Big Pharma and CDC falsehoods at the Clay Clark, General Michael Flynn Reawaken Tour health freedom conferences the past two years.

Here is a 2021 interview with Dr. Buttar.

Dr. Buttar Didn’t “Die Suddenly”

Too many alternative news pundits have wrongly used the clickbait label “died suddenly” with respect to the passing of Dr. Rashid Buttar. That is a gross mistake and it irritates me to no end. The doctor died over an 8 month span. Hardly “suddenly.”

As Dr. Tau Braun, and many others, including the two-and-a-half hour, 1400+ person Zoom call Dr. Buttar hosted back in December, we came to learn that he was poisoned. His belief. Many others as well, including how his virile, strong body went south on him with multiple-organ failure (venom poison) and a degraded, weakened heart (venom poison).

During that first public appearance after months of being out of commission, barely surviving in the ICU, we learned three amazing things about the resilient man and God-believer in Rashid Buttar. Although the ICU staved off his near death last November, he told the rapt audience of professionals, colleagues, and friends that he met with practitioners of ancient plant medicine, who brought him back from the edge of death.

As Rashid told us, he never smoked, drank alcohol, or did drugs in his life. So what came next was a startling revelation.

God’s Message: Exercise “Free Will” Responsibly

Rashid Buttar recorded his plant medicine session and he played in the back over a couple of hours before opening the floor to questions and answers. In a state of euphoria, a kind of out-of-body experience, Dr. Buttar met God. He was both blown away and humbled by the experience. And God directed Rashid to continue fighting and to exercise “Free Will”–God’s great gift to each one of us–responsibly.

The message hit home.

As Dr. Buttar recovered from his damaged organs and strength returned, he did a series of interviews. Why? He wouldn’t allow anyone to shut him up when it came to the truth about Covid, the corruption of science, and Bill Gates’ plan to depopulate the world. While he recovered and grew stronger this spring, I was informed by a close contact, that Rashid needed heart surgery.

The problem with weakened hearts due to venom poisoning they degrade faster.

In response to a tweet I posted on Monday, Dr. Tau Braun replied:

  • Venom creates more venom.
  • Microbes start replicating and expressing their toxins and
  • Produce catabolic enzymes when exposed to venom.
  • The damage done to organs including the heart is severe and can be lethal.

[Dr. Rashid Buttar (L), Ty Bollinger (C), Robert Scott Bell (R); Credit: Robert Scott Bell.]

One week ago, two days before Dr. Buttar passed away, Dr. Lee Merritt interviewed Rashid in a tour de force discussion on the latest of the phantom virus and Covid bioweapons.

Passing the Torch and the Sword of Truth

Dr. Rashid Buttar understood the importance of not only protecting the next generation of children on earth, but also they would need to teach their offspring about freedom, liberty, body autonomy, national borders, sovereignty, the right to choose, the importance of informed consent, and that health comes from God and nature, not synthetic Big Pharma poisons.

But above all, his message from God was for all of us to exercise our “free will.”

  • The right to choose.
  • The right to stand firm against tyranny.
  • The right to expose lies and corruption.
  • The right to stand tall in the gap.
  • The right to protect the next generation.

As a father of an autistic son, Dr. Buttar pointed me in the direction of cleansing the body and detoxifying the metals and other synthetic junk found in childhood immunizations. He helped me prep for the coming pandemic and the clot-shot mRNA tech that wants to kill most of us, transhuman many, and enslave the rest of the survivors.

Nothing is a conspiracy. Nothing is a coincidence or too extreme in 2023. The CIA’s “conspiracy label” died the 2019 August day when Epstein didn’t kill himself.

From David Kirby’s book, “Evidence of Harm” Dr. Buttar on page 412:

From David Kirby’s book, “Evidence of Harm” Dr. Buttar on page 413:

Thank you, Dr. Rashid Buttar, and God bless you.

RIP from the American Media Periscope team. Truth and Light will be our victory.

Don’t forget to exercise your “free will” judiciously.

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