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The USA and China Face Off Over Covid19

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Is Biden Calling The Shots? He Just ,Banned More Chinese Defense and Tech Firms.

If he was really beholden to China, he wouldn’t do that. Remember how he is ,still building the border wall too. This doesn’t add up.

,China Says Prepare For Nuclear War With USA

Does that seem like a logical reaction to wanting to investigate COVID19 origins?

,China Says USA and Japan Run Secret Biowarfare Program

Oh I get it, now that China is being blamed for COVID19, they want to shift blame to the American Deep State. I love it when they turn against their own. This won’t end well for them.

The social engineering continues. ,Dating Apps Are Now Vaccine Trackers. 50 million unmarried people are being psychologically programed to take a risky vaccine.

Putin Turns Tables On Biden, Says ,He Is The One Illegally Suppressing Opposition

This whole Jan 6th “Riot” is going to blow up in the deep state’s face. Check out this line from the article:

“At least two police officers and one alleged rioter died by suicide following the riot”.

Reminds me of plausible deniability warfare. Are all suicides really suicides?

How many ,cops that saw Anthony Weiner’s laptop committed suicide?

In yesterday’s broadcast I talked about 3 coincidences that happen to sink or kill Iranian military capabilities or infrastructure. Now ,Iranian warships to cross Atlantic for first time.

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