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The Vatican and Rothschilds Activate Woke CEO’s

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This past weekend 100 of the most powerful CEOs in the world had a phone call together about how they can stop voter integrity in GA and other states.

Official nonsense narrative: “Even though Voter ID is required in all the other major countries of the world, it is very racist to have it in the USA”.

Do you think these CEOs just share a passion for social activism or do you think they’re doing what they’re told to do?

Hmmm…I learned from Q that there is an international blackmail ring with Epstein and Maxwell. They targeted people like CEO Les Wexner.

This was a big wake up call for me when I learned that blackmail is a key tool in how power brokers control CEO’s, Hollywood assets, and Politicians, etc.

So who is activating these compromised CEOs?

The organization responsible for this call is “The Council for Inclusive Capitalism”.

You can visit their website and see the two powerbrokers at the center of the main website photograph.

Powerbroker 1. Pope Francis

Powerbroker 2. Lynn De Rothschild

You can write Qanon off as a crazy conspiracy theorist…but that’s where I learned about the Vatican and Rothschilds being at the center of the power structure.

It’s also where I learned how Voter ID kills the Deep State.

In fact, Lynn De Rothschild is mentioned in several Q posts as L and LdR. Read the books Revolution Q and Inside Qanon to learn about how Lynn De Rothschild herself interacted on the Q boards.

Click the links above to research related Q posts.

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