The War Is Fake the Suffering Is Real – World War III Is A PSYOP of Perception

October 26, 2023

By Caroline Chang, AMP Journal, AMP News, Inc.


Your perceptions are extremely important, and the Globalists know this all too well. That is why they own and control the mainstream media (MSM) to try to deceive you with lies and propaganda to try to control what you perceive as true.

For the past several months, anyone who has been aware of the Globalist’s depopulation agenda and war against humanity has been on high alert for their next big move which we knew was coming soon. I am not surprised by the mainstream News promotion of the current False Flag in Israel; however, I am amazed that so many people are buying it hook, line, and sinker.

Knowing 9/11 and COVID were all lies, propaganda, and mass manipulation to get a certain reaction from the public, and now those same tactics are working again? Up until 2020, the biggest False Flag event was 9/11, then COVID took its place. Did people not learn anything from False Flags of the past?

Understand that a False Flag event is not that people did not die, we all saw the buildings come down on 9/11, and many people died that day. However, we all know that everything that the MSM News reported about how and why 9/11 happened was a lie.

False Flag Events Are Military PSYOPS

In a military psychological operation (PSYOP), it is important to understand that False Flags are a form of propaganda sanctioned by the government. Know that governments worldwide recognize False Flags as part of a new form of hybrid warfare. Warfare using conventional tactics of the military; and adding mind manipulation that allows the few powerful elites to control the masses. Propaganda is a language of deception and manipulation for the purpose of persuading the public to support a particular position.

There are many levels of propaganda in the world, from the basic forms of cultural conditioning taught in school to the incessant distractions that tell us to look over here at the next shiny new object. They are always directing our focus attention, which they know is very powerful for controlling the perceptions of the population.

The Globalists own and operate the MSM News that select and spin information extremely in favor of the government’s agenda. By doing this they omit almost all genuine News developments worldwide.

Their system works extremely well, especially when most people are overworked, overmedicated, eating bad food, and bombarded with celebrity sex scandals and sports to keep them distracted. While tossing in meaningless political platitudes, usually works really well at keeping people off their game; exactly where the elites want them.

Their strategy can include cyber warfare, media propaganda, fake terrorist attacks, and all kinds of clandestine, secret activities so that you do not know that they were behind it all. As they tell you exactly who to blame. This is about a revolutionary way to wage war, and it’s going on right under most people’s noses.

Even though the true source of the False Flag would be the government. A classic example of this is 9/11 when the American government created a fake attack and then blamed it on Muslims. The government colluded with mainstream media which the media spins and misleads the public posing as objective journalists, when in fact they are working directly for the CIA. This was proven in the 1950s, with the best-known historical example of this PSYOP was Operation Mockingbird.

Many People Have Awakened Since 2020

Many people have awakened worldwide in the past 3 plus years. That is why many False Flags attempts have been falling on deaf ears. There was the MonkeyPox Pandemic False Flag that fell flat on its face. Then there were the wildfires that no one believed were caused by the climate change hoax. As well as their plan to launch Plandemic 2.0 this past September never even got off the ground.

With the False Flag attack in Israel, how is it that many people completely forgot that not one word of MSM is true? And reacted to it exactly the way that the Globalists wanted them to react. Taking sides against each other in any False Flag is just taking sides with the Globalists.

All they want is to divide us and have us fighting each other. They do not care who wins, because they are controlling both sides of the conflict and only they win when we are fighting each other. When we fight wars they deliberately create for the sole purpose of us killing each other.

World War III Is the War Against Humanity

The Globalists have been planning World War III for centuries, and they actually declared war on humanity in March 2020 with the Plandemic. There was not even a virus, no health emergency, and they so easily tricked the world into believing in something that did not even exist. They are laughing at how easily they can fool humanity!

With so many proven lies that were spread by MSM about COVID-19, everyone knows that the MSM is owned and controlled, yet people want to believe what they are reporting about what happened in Israel a few weeks ago. All of a sudden, they are telling the truth this time. Really? Wake Up People!

They Know How to Push the Right Buttons

The elites are masters at pushing the right emotional hot buttons. With the events in Israel, they are hitting emotional hot buttons for many people. When emotions are very high, many times rational thinking goes right out the window.

Let’s all try to think about what is happening from a rational perspective and add in all the knowledge we have learned about the Globalists’ agenda. We all know rationally war is never the solution, and we must know by now that almost every war in the history of mankind, especially the world wars, was started by Globalists under false pretenses.

Do not keep giving the Globalists what they want, which is to divide and conquer. Their goal is to keep us divided by race, culture, religion, and politics. To keep us divided and fighting each other by all means necessary. They want us to kill each other, that is their ultimate goal. Especially now because they have no more use for us. We are just “useless eaters”, they now have the capability to build AI robots to take care of all their wants and needs.

We Win by NOT Complying with Their War

A key element of military psychological operations (PSYOPS), which are now called by a different name. They are now named military information support operations (MISO), however, the purpose is still the same. In their words, to selectively convey information to influence minds, perceptions, emotions, and what they call the “objective reasoning” of targets. Their targets are the citizens of the world.

Influencing populations through propaganda, spin, and deception. The military and intelligence communities like the CIA and FBI have several different kinds of PSYOPS. However, if you care about the world we live in and are interested in the Truth, and true personal transformation through the Truth. You have to turn off MSM and start using critical thinking skills.

Our world is filled with violence, bombings, and trauma. In this modern era of False Flags, there are other developments to look for, for example the existence of multiple practice drills going on similar to or exactly like the False Flag. Take Event 201 just a few months before the Plandemic. Practice drills that actually mimic the event that occurs shortly after the drill.

Our job as human beings on this planet is not to allow governments to have us living in a state of constant fear. We need to open our eyes and see the world clearly without false illusions, beyond the propaganda, lies, deception, and trauma. Through awareness and knowledge, we are empowered. Through honest exploration, we can see through the fear-mongering narrative we are exposed to daily.

We have heard many times that the Truth shall set us free. How can we be free if we are shackled to lies and deception? Therefore, remembering to reach the truth means step away from the TV, and the illusions all around us. Do not buy into the fear. It’s about waking up to the Truth.

All Wars Are Crimes Against Humanity

Stop taking the side of global genocide, because whenever you take a side in any conflict, you are taking sides with global genocide. We all know full well that war solves nothing and only kills innocent people on both sides.

I like what Jean Nolan said in his video, FAKE WARS – The Illusion, The Puppet Masters & The Way Out! All mothers and grandmothers call their sons and daughters who are in the military home. Ask your children NOT to take part in a war that is NOT their war.

Everyone around the world, stop taking sides! The only side you should take is the side of Humanity! Stand up for the Truth and for Freedom for everyone, everywhere!

Author Bio:

Caroline Chang is a producer and podcast host of Awake 2 Oneness Radio for 8 years. She is also the founder of the KYLE Foundation (“Keep Your Light Expanding”), named after her son who is in spirit, and co-founder of Universal Oneness Alliance. Caroline has been on the frontline of the Truth and Freedom movement since March 2020, as well as a speaker, author, and mentor to many who are dealing with difficult life situations.

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