The Year of The Boomerang | Sean Morgan Report Ep.26

The Year of The Boomerang | Sean Morgan Report Ep.26



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  • Is anybody else having trouble with transmission of programs tonight?
    Both Freedom Friday and Sean Morgan Report froze at about 3/4 mark and could not be resumed.

  • I’m in UK, trying to watch this on Saturday morning. It’s freezing often, I think the feed is just slower than the transmission rate. It makes it almost impossible to watch, because of the repeated breaks in continuity.

  • Hey Sean, Is there any talk about arresting those who brought the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Down! Now that I’ve seen all the proof on AMP, I can’t imagine How anyone can get away with it! Seems like Donald Rumsfeld could have been the first, Chenny would be next and a LOT more people I guess!

  • Since I was a little kid studying the bible I was always puzzled by the number 666 !
    I always wanted to figure out what does it mean.
    Fast forward, half a century later, still doing the same thing, still studying the bible, I can nearly interpret the puzzle.
    Usually, 6 is the popular sign of the star of David, which is a very common jewish symbol.
    But 3 times 6 can only mean 3 jewish entities, most likely 3 jewish families.
    I can confidently predict 2 of them (the Rothschilds and the Rockefellrs) but still not sure about the 3rd one.
    Is it the Morgans? the Saudis? The CCP?
    They’re all jews after all.