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They Want To Censor You In Real Time

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Are you familiar with the company named Intel? Its a computer chip manufacturer…in fact its the biggest one in the world.

They are releasing a voice chat software this year that will be able to censor you in real time.

Its called “Bleep”.

They created it because people who play video games are politically incorrect and need to be “silenced” (in real time).

This software will attempt to censor:

“toxic slurs”




“Ableism and Body Shaming”

“White Nationalism”

“LGBTQ+ Hate”


This is how John Matze, former CEO of Parler reacted:

“I am assuming this kind of tech will be used by Clubhouse and Telegram voice chat as well… possibly even live-streaming on Twitch, Youtube, etc….

Is this going to eventually go to Facetime and phone calls?

How far will this go?

I believe there is a decent chance Apple will tell telegram, clubhouse, discord and others to force similar software on everyone or they will be booted off the store….”

John Matze would know, the government is trying to take action against him for having a free speech social media site.

We have to start taking action now to protect ourselves from tech tyranny.

The government and big tech are surveilling all of your speech and they aren’t afraid to use it against you.

They are making lists of political dissidents and you may be deplatformed, fired or unbanked if they ID you.

The first action step you should take right now is to transition your email to fully encrypted and free or the alternatives listed in the graphic

The second step would be to use free and fully encrypted texting, messaging, voice-calling, and video-calling using or the alternatives listed in the graphic

The third step would be to make sure that all of your web surfing and smart devices in your home are fully private and anonymous by implementing a VPN service

I personally use PureVPN.

By installing your VPN (virtual private network) at the source of your internet (your router) you prevent surveillance from your smart speakers, TV, gaming device, and computers.

If by chance your router is not VPN compatible, you can still use your VPN directly in your internet browser, on your phone, and other devices.

If you live in a country where the government censors the internet, you need to use a VPN in order to reach the “real internet” where free speech is allowed.

I know that many of you are not tech savvy, but it is worth it to create a free account on protonmail, downloading the app on your phone.

VPN’s might seem confusing, but its pretty simple to use it in your browser. I just choose what country I want my server to be in and click connect.

The countries with the strictest internet privacy laws, free speech guarantees, and exclusion from 5/9/14 eyes surveillance alliance are


So even though you don’t live in those countries, you can access the internet as if you do with a VPN and reap the privacy benefits.

Also if you travel or live abroad you will need a VPN to access your financial sites and apps as well as your entertainment sites because most movies and shows are not licensed to be watched outside of the USA.

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