Wake Up Black America Episode 6 | Traitor to Black America – KKK Democrat Disguise

5/26/2021 | 5:00PM | Wake Up Black America EP 5 FREE OR PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: https://bit.ly/3reDC7C BUY GOLD: https://bit.ly/37HjsdR BUY A SAT PHONE: https://bit.ly/3B1SviM www.AmericanMediaPeriscope.net
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  • Thank you so much prime for this video I am a white female who I consider to be very awake , but man this showed me how much everyone has been lied to .I remember seeing these things and I can see how black people have been screw so sad but thank you for showing everyone the truth. I love American Media Periscope and so grateful you are on here .I will tell everyone I know to watch your show very awakening again thank you.