Trumpalooza Slams the FBI, IRS and CDC

August 16, 2022

By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

Circle the calendar. Monday, August 8, 2022, was the day and the start of the business week that shattered credibility across three of the United States’ 3-letter agencies. The FBI raid elevated President Trump into “martyr” status, with Congress weaponizing the IRS against the American citizenry, and the CDC raising the white flag—finally!—on the Covid endemic last Friday. It all marked a turning point in the war against the “invisible enemy.”

[Credit: Photo and image montage created by James Grundvig]

Each federal agency permanently dented its reputation; no amount of spin or cover story will restore the ugly truths exposed or the debris field still emanating with more intel leaks to come. The fallout from the trio of self-demolitions will continue to ripple across the political landscape in a pyroclastic flow, burning everything in its path.

A week after the bottom-feeding FBI raided the Mar-a-Lago estate, more facts and criminal elements surfaced. This Monday, the U.S. Department of Justice blocked the Trump warrant’s supporting documents from becoming available to the public. Now the warrant executing Judge Bruce Reinhart will review the motion to release those documents. Either way, the U.S. DOJ sealed its fate as yet another CCP-captured operation.

Fox News Opinion by Tom Del Beccaro stated:

“The FBI and Justice Department’s role in the Trump Mar-a-Lago raid has enormous consequences for democracy and our republic.”

Big Media Faceplant

Believing it could further damage President Trump, CBS News falsely stated that the FBI did not confiscate three of Donald Trump’s passports when the bureau, in fact, snatched the passports along with the eleven boxes of purported “classified” documents.

The New York Post reported that Trump proved the FBI took his passports during the raid. That means CBS News anchor Nora O’Donnell either lied or her crack research team provided the disinformation to her. Whatever the case, O’Donnell and CBS News are still wiping the egg off their face.

Who else wants to pile on the FBI raid train wreck and get plunked by the Trump boomerang?

[Credit: Mar-a-Lago in the background; James Grundvig]

In spring 2020, CBS News was caught being the Big Media outlet that falsely reported—twice!—New York City hospitals were overrun with COVID-19 patients. However, the film footage shown came from an emergency room in Northern Italy. Caught red-handed with lie after lie exposed, CBS News tried to use the sleight of hand technique once more the following week using the same exact footage, only to be caught again.

That week, now over two years ago, should have ended the pandemic in its tracks as fake, fictitious, and a global psyop. But the programmed sheep continued to line up for the false positives PCR-tests, socially distanced like feudal serfs, and wore masks empowering them with Karens and Kens screamfests for those who didn’t fall in line with the compliance farce.

But I digress.

Here we are in August 2022, witnessing the sinking of the FBI, IRS, and CDC to all-time lows in the same week. Who wrote that script? The U.S. DOJ and Big Media can now be tossed in the same radioactive Big Government salad, mixed with a toxic dressing of unlawful, biased corruption.

Digital Soldiers Expose the IRS

Following the blowback of the FBI raid, the new Congressional bill showed how the globalists’ Agenda 2030 plan intends to install the Internal Revenue Service and use the agency against the American people. The IRS will not only endeavor to financially break the backs of the middle and working classes but also bankrupt small to media-sized businesses. With the IRS purchasing millions in ammunition for the agency’s firearms, hiring 87,000 new agents, and training them in urban combat, will U.S. citizens ever trust the IRS or its agents again?

One doesn’t have to be Nostradamus to peer into the future to see the IRS aiming to strongarm dissenters, whether vaccine resisters or people badmouthing political hacks to see what comes next: The implementation of the Chinese Communist social credit system.

From that digital panopticon will emerge a cashless, hellish society built by the New World Order to put Americans into permanent servitude and pave the road to transhumanism.

Those Americans who survive being twice jabbed and doubled boosted by the Covid bioweapon will become shocked awake when they realize the truth underpinning the dark 2030 roadmap.

The elites’ deployment of the IRS as an instrument of war is a game changer that has begun to crack the psyche of some of those who mistakenly believed that the federal government was built to serve them. Now those who are waking up to the grand illusion can see the D.C poisonous swamp for what it is.

[Credit: On location at Mar-a-Lago protest; James Grundvig]

Covid Death Cult (CDC) Hangs Itself

Druid Hills, Georgia, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters is located less than a two-hour drive from where the Georgia Guidestones once stood and fell five weeks ago. After haunting the world for 42 years, the “black rock” henge of curses on God, its blaspheme ten commandments, and depopulation agenda now is a historical footnote.

It no longer serves the Illuminati Cabal with a Luciferian hex over humanity. In breaking its dark spell, the Covid Death Cult of the CDC can no longer cast its spells of parasites and pandemic voodoo on the people of the world.

Last Friday, the CDC crashed headlong into the wall of reality showing no one is listening to the agency’s preventative advice anymore. In short, rendering its white lab-coat warlocks and witches useless to society.

In an epic Op-Ed by Karol Markowicz in the New York Post, “Too Little, Too Late: Disband the CDC Now,” she wrote:

“People are exposed to COVID all the time, but only children who were aware of that exposure were punished.”

“The fresh guidance also says people without symptoms no longer need to be routinely tested.” [Why get tested at all?]

“The agency has finally faced some truths about the vaccine that it should have long ago. ‘CDC’s COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status because breakthrough infections occur.'”

“Cities across the country fired teachers, firefighters, health care staffers, police officers, sanitation workers, and so many others because they refused to get vaccinated. Many of these people had worked through the early days of the pandemic—and contracted COVID many times over… Now the CDC acknowledges this was the wrong thing to do.”

Two years ago, we at American Media Periscope told our audience, first on “Making Sense of the Madness” and then on my two other shows that predated “Unrestricted Truths,” several times “I told you so” warnings. We did it before the Pfizer bioweapon, mislabeled as a vaccine, rolled out in mid-December 2020. Following that warning in August 2021, we stated that Pfizer would never release the data from its Covid vaccine trials. It took persistent lawyers to force a judge this year to block Pfizer from burying its vaccine trial data in a time capsule for the next 75 years.

After last week’s 3-letter agencies fiasco, combined with Tucker Carlson red pilling his viewers on how lethal the Covid vaccines are, that they don’t prevent the spread of infection, and that they are all risk/no benefit for the recipients it’s time to disband all three agencies, while downsize the Justice Department.

Americans should demand nothing less of the FBI, the IRS, and the CDC. Banish them all.

They were erected to destroy the United States of America from within. Instead as we have been sold and gaslit for decades, they are foreign corporations that do not serve the people or the republic, but protect the corrupt oligarchs and global shadow government.

It’s past time for Americans to hit the “reset” button.

Not the Great Reset.

But our Reset to freedom.

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