US Childhood Vaccination Exemptions for School Are at An All-Time High

November 18, 2023

By Caroline Chang, AMP Journal, AMP News, Inc.

There are more and more American kindergartner students being exempted from school vaccination requirements this current school year. From the CDC records, for the 2022 – 2023 school year enrollment, vaccination exemptions have hit their highest level ever. This data only includes the parents who are still sending their children to public or private schools. Hence, this data does not include homeschooled children which homeschooling reached over 60% in 2021.

More parents than ever before are questioning the CDC’s routine childhood vaccinations schedule, that they used to automatically accept. This is one of the wonderful things that has come from the COVID-19 vaccine mandates, which harmed and killed so many people in this country and the world.

Political Schism That Backfired

As I wrote in my article, Proof The Government and The CDC Knew That the COVID Shots Were Causing Harm 3 Months After the Rolled Out. This is the same government, knowing the harm and destruction that these shots were causing approved these shots for babies and young children. While several countries, seeing the harm these shots were causing to young adults, had banned these shots for adults under a certain age.

No, not the United States, they approved these deadly shots for infants and toddlers. Then months after they knew that these shots were harmful, Biden and his administration deliberately mandated these deadly shots onto the American workforce.

The Biden administration’s political schism to mandate a bioweapon onto the American public completely backfired on them. Now, more people can see that the COVID shots were never about health, they were only about control and a government depopulation agenda. People are taking back their bodily autonomy, and especially for their children.

In 2021, homeschooling reached an all-time high of over 60% of children being homeschooled. That actually is another blessing that came from the Plandemic unnecessary closing of schools. Much of what happened in 2020 with the Plandemic has turned out to be a huge wake-up call for humanity.

Because of the forced COVID-19 vaccine mandates, now parents are taking a more critical eye on the entire childhood vaccine schedule. Which increased from 26 doses from ages birth to 18 in 1986, to 76 doses from birth to 18 today.

This increase is due to the fact that with the signing of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury 1986 Act pharmaceutical companies are no longer liable for any harm they cause with vaccines. Many parents are just now learning about this illegal, unlawful, unconstitutional 1986 Act for the first time.

I have been sharing the truth about the harm that vaccines are causing loud and clear since my daughter passed away from a vaccine injury, from a vaccine she received 20 years ago, only to attend college. She would never have gotten that vaccine if she was not mandated to get it for college. She passed away 11 months ago from her vaccine injury. I only became aware of what caused her injury in 2020.

Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Vaccinated Children

There is overwhelming evidence and proof that unvaccinated children are far healthier than vaccinated children. Many pediatricians have done this study and research, like Dr. Paul Thomas and others. Dr. Paul was striped of his medical license just for being brave and trying to protect children. For speaking up and telling the truth about vaccine injuries. His research results prove that unvaccinated children are FAR healthier than vaccinated children. I am 61 years old, and I may have had one or two vaccines my entire life in the 1960s. I am much healthier than many people I know in their 30s.

I have written several articles on this topic, Why Are They Playing Games, No Debate Is Needed the Evidence Is Clear as Day. In this article, I am questioning why the leaders in the Informed Consent movement are playing games with the CDC and Big Pharma. These leaders are saying they are not Anti-Vaxxers, they just want to see safer vaccines. The truth is that all vaccines are poison and have poison in them. Why would any parent in their right mind want to have poison injected into their child? There is no such thing as a safer poison.

Another article I wrote as a follow-up, Anti-Vaxx Are Fully Informed and Have Common Sense, While Pro-Vaxx Are Clueless to The Truth. This article speaks about the overwhelming evidence that all vaccines are harmful, and truly educated and informed parents will never allow their baby or child to ever be vaccinated. Every baby is born with a God-given natural immunity. That natural immunity is all a child needs. Vaccines not only cause harm to the child, it will also destroy a child’s natural immunity.

The CDC Adds COVID Shots to The Childhood Schedule

The CDC has now included the COVID-19 shots in the childhood vaccine schedule of routinely recommended vaccines. This information was released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in February 2023. By adding 4 COVID shots to the childhood schedule it brings the recommended doses up to a total of 76.

The only good caveat in this decision by the CDC is that this vaccine recommendation cannot set vaccine requirements for schools or workplaces. The CDC immunization schedules summarize current vaccine recommendations for children, adolescents, and adults.

Any person who does their own research using critical thinking skills and looks into non-governmental and non-mainstream media resources will see clearly that all vaccines are only harmful to health. Both the government and the mainstream media are owned and controlled by Big Pharma. This is a truth that everyone knows, yet many are still hesitant to admit this obvious fact and afraid to speak about it.

The Power of Parents – DC Repealed Its COVID Mandate

The Washington DC Council voted Tuesday, November 7th to repeal its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the city’s schoolchildren to attend school. This was a measure that was controversial when it passed in 2021, and to this day they have never been able to enforce it.

Because parents in DC refused to turn their children into guinea pigs and lab rats for Big Pharma. This is a perfect example of the power We the People have, and the power of the parents in DC. “Good on ya”, parents in DC!

The vote on November 7th ended a long-running debate over whether DC should require students over the age of 12 to get vaccinated against COVID as a condition for attendance. Lawmakers added a COVID vaccination to the city’s list of required immunizations in hopes of curbing the virus in schools, but thousands of families refused to vaccinate their children with the deadly shots. That is how we get things done, just Do Not Comply!

The measure also drew sharp criticism from congressional Republicans. I am not political at all, to me the entire government is completely corrupt on both sides. However, it looks like only Republican politicians seem to care about our children’s health and our health freedom.

Since when has health freedom become such a political issue? Health freedom is the most important freedom we have. If we do not have the freedom to say what can and cannot go into our own bodies and our children’s bodies, then we are nothing more than slaves completely owned by the system.

DC Council members reversed the measure unanimously and without any debate. Council member Christina Henderson, who co-introduced the law that mandated the vaccination, noted that no child had been excluded from school this year because the measure was a “requirement that hasn’t been in place” for this school year.

Anti-Vaxxers Are Now a Modern Political Force

The Anti-vax movement was once considered a fringe movement; however, it is now seeing a huge influx of supporters, influencers, political power, and money after the COVID Plandemic.

The COVID-19 Plandemic has produced a remarkable financial windfall for health freedom nonprofit organizations. Revenue more than doubled for the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense in 2021 compared to the prior years. The nonprofits that survived on operating budgets of around a few million dollars just a few years ago are now bringing in more than $10 million each.

The public support and funding increase in the health freedom movement reflects a tidal wave of change. The health freedom movement, which the mainstream media (MSM) likes to call the anti-vaccine movement has now emerged as a modern political force.

I wear the badge of Anti-vaxxer proudly because all Anti-vaxxers have done their own homework and research and know how to use common sense and critical thinking skills. They have not been brainwashed by the government and MSM. That is something to feel very proud of, it’s a badge of honor.

For so many years, organizations at the vanguard of the health freedom movement had been operating with relatively small budgets and only a handful of staff and volunteers. Now, they are fully staffed and have tons of volunteers, supporters, and financial support.

“Covid vaccines (mandates) have been the foot in the door for the more general anti-vaccine movement. And unfortunately, that door is open pretty wide now,” said Dr. Dave Gorski, a Michigan-based oncologist who has been tracking anti-vaccine efforts for two decades.

In practical terms, more funding enables health freedom organizations to expand their public reach, sue federal agencies, and organize like-minded activists at the state level, as well as expand their reach abroad.

These organizations have been trying to roll back vaccine requirements and get better safety guidelines surrounding vaccine trials for many years. The health freedom movement has gained more traction since the COVID Plandemic than ever before. Earlier this year, a lawsuit funded by the health freedom non-profit Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) forced Mississippi to allow religious exemptions for mandatory childhood vaccinations for attending school for the first time in more than four decades. That was a huge win for ICAN!

Homeschooling is Soaring to New Heights

Homeschooling is also on the rise from the low percentage of parents that homeschooled just a few years ago, especially before the Plandemic. It has now become the fastest-growing form of education, that parents are opting out of the government-controlled indoctrination centers, public and private schools have become.

A district-by-district look at homeschooling’s explosive growth rate, with a post-analysis, discovers that homeschooling has far outpaced the rate of growth compared to private and public schools.

Homeschooling has become, by a wide margin, America’s fastest-growing form of education. As families from Upper Manhattan to Eastern Kentucky embrace a largely unregulated practice once confined to the ideological marginal, a Washington Post analysis shows.

The analysis, based on data The Post collected from thousands of school districts across the country, reveals that a dramatic rise in homeschooling at the onset of the Plandemic has largely sustained itself through to the 2022-23 academic year.

Defying predictions that most families would return to public schools that have dispensed with mask mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions. Parents have not returned to public and/or private schools because now they have seen through the government’s lies and want to take control of their children’s education and health.

The huge percentage in the increase in total homeschool student enrollment since the 2017-18 school year by State. Five states still do not allow for religious exemptions to vaccines, those states are CA, NY, Maine, Conn., and W. VA. Interestingly, 3 of the five states list no data. CA 78%, NY 103%, Maine no data, Conn. no data , W. VA no data.

The percentage of very high increase in other states is DC 108%, South Dakoda 94%, Tenn. 77%, and RI 91%. Here is the graph showing the increase in homeschooling by state.

This growth demonstrates that homeschooling has arrived and is now mainstream and is a mainstay of the American educational system. This is wonderful news for the future of our children and humanity overall. The homeschooling impact on society, on public schools, and above all, on hundreds of thousands of children now learning outside a conventional government-controlled academic environment is amazing. This future generation is being taught at home with family values and not governmental indoctrination programming.

Obtaining complete information about the homeschooling population in the country is challenging. Because in 11 states, including Texas, Michigan, Connecticut, and Illinois, officials do not require notification when families decide to educate their children at home. Seven additional states have unreliable data on homeschooled students.

Health Freedom & Homeschooling Is Our Future

I am so happy to write this article and deliver this wonderful News. I have been saying for almost 4 years now that Humanity’s Great Awakening is at hand. This article shows us how far we have come in the past 4 years.

The most important message to take away from this article is it is not the government that has to change, because the government will not change on its own. It is all of us, the people who have to stand up for our freedom. Not comply with lies anymore, and not comply with our own enslavement. We the People must stand up for our freedom, and the freedom of our children and grandchildren.

Author Bio:

Caroline Chang is the Editor-in-Chief of the AMP Journal. She is also the producer and podcast host of Awake 2 Oneness Radio for over 8 years. She is also the founder of the KYLE Foundation (“Keep Your Light Expanding”), named after her son who is in spirit, and co-founder of Universal Oneness Alliance. Caroline has been on the frontline of the Truth and Freedom movement since March 2020, as well as a speaker, author, and mentor to many who are dealing with difficult life situations.

If you have any questions or comments about AMP Journal you can email me: [email protected]

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