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Clear and Present Danger with Philippe Argillier & Maria Zack | Unrestricted Truths Ep. 13

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Deep State Exposed In Red October

Philippe Argillier:

Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.





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I don’t know how many interviews Philippe has done since his presence was first announced by Maria but, to date, I know there’s for sure three. I know because I watched/listened to them. The first was with Stew Peters, the second was with Sean Morgan, and the third is this one with James. IMO, this particular interview with Philippe and Maria was by far the most informative yet. The first two interviews with Philippe I have not been inclined to disseminate. This interview, though, is most definitely one I will disseminate! Whether people believe what Philippe, Maria and James are saying or not, this information is something everyone needs to be exposed to and have sitting on the desktop of their mind.

Now, what I would like to have happen is for Kimberly Goguen, David Icke, Dr. Michael Salla, Elena Danaan, Clif High, Mel K and Clay Clark watch this interview and then each weigh in with their commentary about what was discussed in the interview.

This may seem non sequitur but there was a realization that I had many years ago that I want to include in this comment. What I realized is that from a human perspective, there is no one who is capable of seeing the “Big Picture.” Obviously, a human is capable of steadily increasing the scope of the picture they see but, because an individual is unable to ever see the Big Picture in its entirety, the individual never knows what’s in her or his best interest much less the best interests of others. Consequently, any particular outcome that a person believes is the best outcome for themselves, others or some event, is formulated with an incredibly small amount of information that was available to them. Philippe, with regards to what he was doing to get the Dalai Lama back into Tibet, had postulated what he believed to be the best outcome. However, the outcome Philippe postulated did not occur and he believed the Dalia Lama made a wrong decision. Philippe, though, did not have the Big Picture nor will he, me or thee ever have it.

In our journey through time and space there is nothing random. There is nothing random because every single thing that has happened, is happening or will happen has been planned by Source, The All That Is, God, Creator, Prime Mover, Awareness, Consciousness, or whatever other moniker you have for it.

What Maria had to say toward the end of this amazing discussion was something that is incredibly important to highlight and start talking a lot more about. What I’m referring to his Maria pointing out how the US taxpayers, through our government funding research in universities are actually investors in this research and should be getting 90% (at least) of the value from products that all this research produces. Instead, the US taxpaying citizen is completely left out of the loop after they’ve paid in! I don’t know about anyone else but this is something I’ve really never considered. BTW, what little bit of research I did regarding the amount of money universities get from the government for research this is what came up:
In 2018 the government paid out $149 billion to colleges and universities (note: it didn’t specify what the money was for).

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