What a Difference Two Years Can Make


Op Ed by James Madison of American Media Periscope posted 27 December 2022

Erosion is a word most people associate with the steady process of wearing away a foundation over time but if one examines the United States over the last two years, no word could more accurately describe what has happened to our nation. As we go through our daily lives, most people have not had the time to assess what we have been losing, day by day and month by month. Now, two years into the illegitimate Biden Administration, it is time to take the rather difficult step of reminding ourselves of what we have already lost. History shows us time and again that liberty lost is far harder to regain than the preservation of liberty we already possess.

Anyone who examines the 2020 election will find that it was stolen by globalist thieves and that President Donald J Trump is the legitimate leader of our nation. People have to be divorced from reality to see that a sitting President who got millions more votes in his re-election somehow lost after five key swing states suspended voting late in the evening. Election officials and party observers were forcibly removed and then, miraculously, virtually all the votes from that point on went to Mr Biden whose two thousand mules did their job of delivering tens of thousands of fake ballots that were:

                …printed in China then filled out by leftist groups

                …mailed out by leftist state and local officials with no effort to authenticate the recipient

                …harvested from people who had not voted in decades

                …the product of coercion from people who were not in full possession of their faculties

Now, in President Trump’s absence from the White House, we have seen an undermining of his achievements on a scale never before imagined and sadly, by the time most people realize what has happened, it will be too late to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Source: Time

The plan to steal the election was carried out with precision and it worked. It worked because all the checks and balances in our American system were simply ignored, usually out of fear that whomever dared to speak up would end up as the next entry in the ‘Clinton Body Count’. Staggeringly, even the Supreme Court of the United States was too supine to address the case from Texas which would have contained enough evidence entered into record to overturn the corrupted results. And yes, Vice President Mike Pence chose to follow the directives in Article II of the Constitution that instructs the President of the Senate to count the Electoral Votes. What everyone seems to have missed was that the Vice President was sworn in to office with the oath to ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States’. Mr Pence failed to honor his oath of office because the counting and certification of known fraudulent votes is perhaps one of the greatest violations ever of this sacred oath. He allowed the nation to pay the price for the criminal acts of Anti-American forces both foreign and domestic.

Source: Yahoo

The people who carried out this theft did so boldly and with no shame. We know this because as soon as their crime was complete, they moved on to the next phase of their operation which was to destroy the United States as we know it. They immediately pitted Americans against each other and after years of prosperity and peace, many of our cities were plunged into violence, anarchy and even the absurd ‘autonomous zones’ which claimed to be outside the jurisdiction of…well… anything and anyone. Our cities have declined into drug riddled war zones where in some cases people can actually download apps to their cellular devices which show the location of human feces and needles used for drug use which are sitting on the streets. Our cities are filled with deadly fentanyl which is made in China, purchased by Mexican cartels and then brought to the US to kill our people. These are the same cities that once welcomed both local pedestrians and tourists. Now, no smart tourist will even go to New York or San Francisco because these once great cities have been destroyed. Leftism simply ruins everything it touches. And, of course, since the police have been defunded in some of these places, there is no reasonable expectation of improvement. Residents are leaving in droves for places like Texas and Florida which have better taxes, safer cities, cleaner public spaces and are much more friendly to businesses. California lost the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, and the eighth richest man in the world, Larry Ellison, in the same week. There is a lesson here.

Source: SF Chronicle

Coronavirus served as the perfect methodology to destroy the economic foundations of this nation. Very few small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy, were able to survive the Unconstitutional lockdowns that were imposed on private property and upon law abiding citizens who should have the rights to freedom of movement, assembly and association. Under President Trump, every demographic was at all time lows in unemployment. The stock market was repeatedly making new highs and people’s 401k accounts were flourishing. Enter the Biden Administration and then those who were productive citizens became vilified or taxed out of existence. Those who once were accustomed to going to work were sent multiple large checks to incentivize them to stay home. The so called ‘coronavirus emergency’ has still not been lifted just to destroy as much entrepreneurial spirit as possible and to disincentivize ambition. In short, this is a socialist dream put into action. The record breaking inflation that has followed has already debased our currency, exploded our national debt and is silently robbing people of their purchasing power and there are absolutely no signs of this abating at any point so long as this criminal enterprise is in Washington.

Under President Trump, the nation was safe and respected. A border wall was under construction and illegal entries to the USA were nearing multi decade lows. Now, thousands of illegal aliens, completely unvetted as to their origins and histories have been aided and abetting in what can only be accurately term as an invasion of the United States. It is very important not to say that illegals have just been entering the nation, but that the Biden Administration is incentivizing them to come in greater numbers. Late night flights to airports and bus tickets all over the country have quietly been handed out and then the localities who suddenly find these people in their midst are expected to somehow be able to afford to feed and house these people along with the dramatic increase in crime that has accompanied letting in anyone who can simply make it across the border. President Trump had ICE and the Border Patrol throwing gang members, drug cartel operatives and dangerous terrorists out of the nation while the criminal Biden Regime has taken every opportunity it can to go so far as to even put these people in five star hotels as a ‘welcome gift’ to the USA all the while American veterans are committing suicide at a rate of twenty two per day. This is simply so disgusting that decorum prohibits me from putting these circumstances into the actual words they deserve.

Source: NY Post

Under President Trump, the world was a safer place. The world knew there was a man of action in the White House that they should not cross. When Iran conducted an exercise simulating an attack on an American aircraft carrier, President Trump called their leaders and said ‘Do not @#$% with us or we will do something very, very bad to you’. That was followed up with a list of fifty two targets in Iran that would be bombed if Iran took any action against our nation. So, you must be wondering why fifty two was the number selected. The answer is both simple as well as highly revealing. President Trump chose one target for each of the fifty two hostages Iran took in 1979. He reminded them he was in charge and has a very good memory. Iran tucked its tail and was very quiet… until the Biden regime arrived and began to entertain the idea of reinstating the nuclear deal which Iran itself has said it will use to incinerate the nation of Israel, the same nation that President Trump moved the US Embassy to its capital of Jerusalem. Not a single Middle Eastern state voiced an objection and the United Arab Emirates became the first Arab nation to establish diplomatic relations with Israel and all this happened under President Trump while Mr Biden now is leaving the US and our image in shambles. Nowhere was that more clear than Mr Biden’s unforgivable cowardice of evacuating Afghanistan while leaving a still unknown number of American citizens stranded along with eighty billion dollars of military hardware which will now be used by our enemies against the free world. In addition, many Afghans who helped work with the US for the betterment of their nation are dead now, hunted down by the same Taliban whom President Trump scared into submission by showing their leader a satellite picture of his own house and whom the President told that if any American dies, then the Taliban leader’s house would be where the first bomb fell. No Americans were killed by the Taliban under President Trump’s watch.

Source: Madness Hub

Our military was powerful and modernized under President Trump. Now, they are receiving ‘woke’ indoctrination and the United States Marine Corps this week were told not to refer to superior officers as ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’ because it might ‘misgender’ someone or it could be insensitive to non binary people. Yes, this level of insanity is in our military and China and Russia must still be laughing. Their efforts to destroy this nation from inside are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams and at a pace unthinkable only two short years ago.

Speaking of the military, have you noticed what has happened with Russia over the recent Presidential Administrations? Under President Bush. South Ossetia became Russian. Under President Obama, Crimea became part of Russia and under Mr Biden the Russians have invaded Ukraine. Not a single inch of land was added to Russia under the Trump Administration. It certainly is no secret as to why and if President Trump were rightfully in his Presidential Office right now, Ukraine would not be at war. Yes, it really is that simple when your enemies know you have weak spineless leadership. The only interest current politicians have in Ukraine is protecting their criminal business dealings which they have been hiding in this nation since the overthrow of pro Russian leader Poroshenko. Explain why the children of Mr Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Romney and former Senator Kerry all have ‘jobs’ with Ukrainian companies in industries they have no knowledge of, nor do any of them even speak Ukrainian. We are dealing with a kleptocracy in Washington.

Source: dispropaganda.com

So, what other things have you noticed? Gas went to near $8 a gallon in parts of the nation and averaged almost $6 a gallon. The average was $1.87 when President Trump left office. And what did Mr Biden do on his first day in office? He cancelled the Keystone Pipeline as well as enacted massive restrictions on US energy producing companies. For the first time under President Trump the nation was an exporter of energy and now the pathetic Mr Biden is actually begging OPEC to produce more oil while he simultaneously puts our nation’s security at risk by purchasing oil from countries who hate us such as Iran, Venezuela and of course Russia but we are not allowed to talk about that backroom deal. Mr Biden claims that his energy ‘policies’ are designed to help the environment but the imbeciles who understand how oil is extracted know that oil from American companies is far less environmentally taxing than the methods used by totalitarian states whom Mr Biden is now begging like the weakling he is to increase their output so we can then enrich them with our money. Under the Trump Administration money was flowing back into the United States as others purchased our energy.

The same is true with business. China was terrified as President Trump enacted tariffs as well as exited bad trade deals so that businesses would move back to the USA, bringing their technology and their high paying manufacturing jobs with them. Mr Biden has been the opposite and once again, the nation is being hollowed out as companies leave for the third word where they can use slave labor, use people who have no rights as workers, no unions, no safety in their workplace and in some cases do not even have the ability to leave where they are forced to work. Oh yes, the mainstream news will tell you how much humanitarian causes matter to the Democrats are but even a cursory examination will reveal this to be a lie and human rights have no place in the Biden Administration’s list of cares, unless of course it happens to be the rights of someone who fits into a woke politically correct category which then entitles that person to anything that person wants, all in the interest of diversity. Most of you have seen the humiliatingly disgusting mug shots plus social media pictures of Sam Brinton who was Secretary of Energy until this gender bender was caught stealing suitcases from airports… twice. This man, yes I said ‘man’, was actually in charge of nuclear waste. Comforting thought is it not? Political Correctness is a cancer that is destroying the fabric of this nation and Mr Biden and his leftist accomplices are pushing genital mutilation surgeries and hormone treatments on our children which should be seen for what it is which is egregious child abuse and not the fiction of ‘compassion’ that they claim it to be. It is an assault on our children, our families and defiance of God’s statement in Genesis as well as the Gospel of Mark that he made humanity male and female, not gender fluid, not gender non binary. I never thought I would even have to write about this in a serious context but this wave of insanity has swept the nation and western world.

Source: dixiesewing.com

If President Trump were still in office, America would be a much safer nation, a much wealthier nation, a prosperous nation free from out of control inflation while our economy and military would dominate the world. In other words, if Donald J Trump was in Washington where he should be, America would be Great Again. This is the result of two years of true leftist rule. If this continues, there still might be a ‘United States’ on a world map but it will be nothing like the nation we grew up in or enjoyed living in as recently as two short years ago. This is the price we have paid for letting Marxist criminals into our government. These people must go because they will soon move us past a point of no return and it grieves be beyond words to say so.

Source: ABC6

James Madison

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