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White Hat Messages All over The News With John Michael Chambers | MSOM Ep.274

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Nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about running out of money.





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36 replies on “White Hat Messages All over The News With John Michael Chambers | MSOM Ep.274”

Every time I watch it cuts off early won’t play till the end like tonight the video stopped 54mins!! I watch each and every night Love this show!!

This show works perfect for me. Are you getting directly through the web sight? If your watching it through bitchute or somewhere else that might your problem.

He has his own show on Friday and he is so proud of his work. You can tell. New backdrop and he looks so professional. It is exciting he has his own spot. Big step for broadcasting! Happy for him.

It didn’t play for me either at first, figured it may not have been fully uploaded or something. Played fine after 9pm though. I LOVE what you all are doing! I am praying for ALL who are fighting for the truth to be revealed. And it is happening!!! Praying for you too JMC, for healing in Jesus name!!!

Here’s my thoughts about building a new studio…..wait a month or two and you might get CNN’s building Wouldn’t that be GREAT!

Hoping to see Michael Flynn’s comments where he basically said that Q is BS discussed without just saying it’s disinfo or warfare. He continues to play both sides of this thing and plays dumb. I can’t stand liars.

This show has been a great source of information for me, ever since I witnessed the obvious steal, live online, as it happened, back in November. I’m in UK, and it was obvious to me what I had seen happen. Until that time I’d never heard of Q, and had no clue about just how deep the corruption in all of our societies actually is. I’m awake now, and get all of my news from alternative free-thought sites such as AMP. I bought and read JMC’s book(Trump, and the Resurrection of America) as a starting point, and now I’m a Patriot! I’ve been down so many rabbit-holes that I squint in the daylight, but the real daylight is definitely coming! I have every faith that the plan is absolutely on track, and on schedule. I am so looking forward to the endgame, which I realise is going to be so far-reaching and all-encompassing that my life, and the lives of practically everyone on this planet are going to be changed in a thousand ways! Bring it on!

Strong debut by Co Host Sean Morgan. Good that age range of Co Hosts spans the demographic of the Great Awakening.Focus on relevant news of the day followed by a deep dive guest is effective.Co Hosts could also ‘close’ the program as well as ‘open’ it for symmetry. Exciting rapid growth of this platform. The kinks will iron out soon enough.

“It’s what the American people want”. I vote legal, tribunal mandated, Kentucky flint-lock long rifle round ball to the gut of THOUSANDS of traitor judicial, pharma, demoncrat, FedRes, election “officials”, and RINO guts! … that the scum can know, first hand, the price our patriots PAID!

I just saw your show for the first time (Tuesday, June 1). It is incredible, and I’m so thankful to have discovered it on Telegram.
Your comments and those of Sean Morgan restore my hope. NYT reporter Maggie Haberman said that President Trump is telling a number of his contacts that he expects to be reinstated by August. Praying this is true, although sooner would be better.
Then Roger Stone said on Stew Peters’ show that “obiden” & Harris will NOT be removed – disheartening.
I prefer your version!!
Thank you – I eagerly anticipate your daily shows’

Watch Making Sense of the Madness every day your on! Look so forward to it. So interesting and informative. Keep up the good programming. God bless and heal you of that cough John and God bless you all for all your hard work. And all the others too!

For that cough, for educational purposes only, because I occasionally get the same. It can go away in a day or two completely!! See your doctor for what works best for you. I start taking food grade hydrogen peroxide, diluted to 1.5% per bottle instructions. Then I drink an ounce every 2 hours.
Whatever pathogen I am fighting can not live in the presence of oxygen! The H2O2 gives off 1 atom of oxygen which is taken up to stop the cause of my cough! God bless you!

Why do all of these discussions regarding president trumps rights – omit the evidence of a foreign coup by at least five countries and Italy’s admission of guilt along with the Vatican? Plus the footage of the votes broadcast and changed to a huge degree – don’t get it!!!

Love Sean and all of you guys!! I’ve been gone for a week and really missed your show!! Can’t wait until I can say “I told you so” to a few of my family…who aren’t willing to do their own research and then have to call me “crazy”!!

IS the military on the side of the Constitution, OR are they blind “auto toms ” which will just follow orders? HOW DO WE KNOW that the military will Not simply “do what Biden tells them to do”? BIDEN COULD order the military to “stand down” while a MILLION CCP troops invade the US and occupy the nation! Biden COULD order the military to arrest and execute millions of people in the RED states and counties! What “assurance” do we have that the military will fight WITH the people? SO FAR WE HAVN”T SEEN ANYTHING, NOT A WHIMPER from the military! They just go along with Biden and do everything he “commands”. IS IT REALLY ALL OVER?

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